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Marina & The Diamonds seems to really like Lana Del Rey, she described Lana as “fascinating” in an interview with The Huffington Post.

THP: It also made me think about the first line of your song “Sex Yeah” and how you sing “Nothing is provocative anymore.” Because of that, stars are forced then to keep going further and further — especially in what we could call a “post-Gaga era.” Everything has been pushed so far, it seems like artists are constantly being forced to consider what they can do next to shock or titillate.
Marina: Totally. This is why I love pop culture and I love being a pop artist because you get to discuss things like this. I find it so interesting that after the whole Gaga thing, then comes Lana Del Rey, who does nothing and is completely fascinating! And that really signals a change in the times. And to be honest with you, I think it was a relief for a lot of artists. If that doesn’t come naturally to you — to be constantly provocative — you don’t really feel like you have to do that. The times have definitely changed.


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