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We decided to re-write some of the afirmations that Lana Del Rey gives during her brand new promotional interview video for MySpace. Please if you use don’t forget: credit us! Enjoy and don’t miss the details!

“To be honest like when you work at something for a long time and then coming to a family of people who support what you do hmm… you are very lucky! “

“I’ve making videos since I was seventeen I was originally discollecting vintage hmmm… footages from different archives and setting moving pictures  to classical music clips that meant a lot to me. Maybe there were places I have been where nice things have happened. I had a vision of making my life a work of art and I was looking for people who also felt that way.”

“My mum and my dad they both like to sing they have really nice voices and my sister and my brother actually they are good singers too. I’ve been really blessed actually more than most to have a really good people around me.”

“I am usually always singing about the same god damn person so I will love him forever but you know, it’s all good. It’s all good! “

MySpace: How do you find love?
Lana:Like I just look for someone who makes me feel like life is an exciting opportunity and you know just like to be alive. Someone who makes me feel like electric. I mean in general you know is just nice to be loving and have others around you being loving too so…”

MySpace: What would you say to your fans?
Lana:“Find someone who has a life that you want and figure out how they got it, read books, pick your role model as wisely and find what they did and do it.”

MySpace: What would you say to all the haters?
Lana:I don’t think I would say anything.”


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