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Lana Del Rey shared a post on Instagram giving thanks to those involved in her recent Coachella performance, but also criticised longtime tour manager Pete for quitting “for no reason after 15 years because he was butt hurt that I got 10 comped bikes for free from Wally and randomly decided he was more of a state designed than a tour manager.” She added that she is “still grateful for 15 years though,” but the ordeal was stressful so she was thankful to Emily for stepping in as tour manager. Lana will perform at Coachella again tomorrow, April 19, at 11:20PM PST / 7:20AM BST.

Thank you guys. For fucking everything, Jack and John and Billie for showing up for me -and the band for just killing it and spending months in Sylmar in a 40° warehouse to the point but it was so cold that I caught laryngitis that literally left just a few hours before I hit the stage because Tessa DiPietro spent two hours lifting that cough remotely through her body intuitive skills just minutes before showtime, Wally Crowder for my bad as bikes. Every stunning dancer on stage- and Alex for her beautiful choreography. My stunning three singers who danced and sang their asses off in style and high matching boots. Judah + Chelsea 😇
Emily for stepping up as tour manager when Pete quit for no reason after 15 years because he was butt hurt that I got 10 comped bikes for free from Wally and randomly decided he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager… Never got a phone call probably never will. Still grateful for the 15 years though. No worries – 37 days was more than enough time to put together an entire headlining set all by ourselves. Not stressful at all. Way to go Emily you fucking killed it with grace. Thank you to my managers Ben and Ed for making me laugh the entire way through everything for my whole freaking life even though none of it ever makes any sense. PS please send me an email If you decide to quit this year- 15 years is a long time for us too☺️ thank you to Cody!, boss number two for always having my back and doing the most –
Ric from Stufish ur set with references of the Barbican to bits of kintsugi dripping down the balconies and the same exact tiles as the tiles in the tunnel under Ocean Boulevard. Pat my loving Stage Manager and James
Lammy Joey and James my perfect trifecta of sound
Molly Dixon❤️those dresses! Dolce and Gabbana for literally wrapping silk around my body for hours until I became a shimmering swimming pool. Etienne and Anna for somehow making my eyes change color on stage with witchy brush strokes of subtle peach make up and light old Hollywood hair, and Tracey Cunningham for changing my hair to the color of the desert like I wanted. And of course, Paul for inviting us.
it was fun. I’ll see you again real soon.

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