LanaDelReyFan.com was founded by Nathan on December 8, 2011 and was one of the first fan websites online for Lana Del Rey. The website is currently managed and maintained by Marta and Toni.


Name: Marta (Webmiss & Social Media Content Creator).
Location: Europe.
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
Favorite Song(s): BTD Album: “Born To Die”, “Video Games”, “Without You” and “Dark Paradise”; LDR aka Lizzy Grant Album: “Queen Of The Gas Station” and “Gramma”.

Name: Toni (Co-Webmiss & Content Editor).
Location: United Kingdom.
Languages: English.
Favorite Song(s): Ultraviolence Album: “Cruel World”, “West Coast”, “Flipside”; BTD Album: “Born To Die”, “Summertime Sadness”, “Ride” and “Burning Desire”; LDR aka Lizzy Grant Album: “Queen Of The Gas Station” and “Smarty”.

Name: Gonçalo (Instagram Content Creator).
Location: Portugal.
Languages: Portuguese and English.
Favorite Song(s): BTD Album: “Off To The Races”, “DMD” and “Lucky One”; Ultraviolence Album: “Cruel World” and “Pretty When You Cry”; Honeymoon Album: “Freak” and “The Blackest Day”.


Apart from being in contact with her management and representative agencies, Lana Del Rey already recorded a video sending greetings to our management (watch here) and also followed and interacted with us via Facebook and Twitter.

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