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Myspace published a video interview with Lana Del Rey recorded at Chateau Marmont, they also did a little text about Lana. You can see both below.

Ha­ters are gonna hate. The re­a­lity for an ar­tist is that not everyone is going to love what you make. Not every­body is going to un­ders­tand where you are co­ming from. Not everyone will give you the be­nefit of the doubt when doubt is ram­pant. In our pre-​pac­kaged world we haven’t been ex­posed to the growth of an ar­tist. We can’t let so­meone grow, can we? It’s not good enough that the ar­tist is smart, in­sightful and mes­me­ri­zing. That ar­tist should not miss the mark AT ALL. The ar­tist should not have an­xiety or be ner­vous about the mas­sive steps that con­front and carry her forward into an unk­nown world of fast-​paced scru­tiny and li­mi­tless jud­ge­ment. Lana Del Rey is a be­au­tiful, shy and in­tri­cate human being with a me­a­ningful and sultry voice that con­nects both emo­ti­o­nally and vis­ce­rally. Her style is im­pec­cable and her pre­sence re­so­nates with both cu­ri­o­sity and con­fi­dence. The “Video Games” single that met with so much love pushed her into the world. She has only had a few shows to cap­ture her per­sonal me­lo­dies in a pu­blic pre­sen­ta­tion that mat­ches who she is. This is about sup­por­ting ar­tists in their fu­ture. We should be there for their best and most chal­len­ging mo­ments as they grow into their full po­ten­tial. If you have be­lief in the ar­tists you love, then be­lieve that it’s about the journey, and not just the des­ti­na­tions. (ie. SNL) Lana Del Rey is a true ar­tist on her way to gre­at­ness and, the truth is, you have to love her a little to hate her at all. mys­pace.com/la­na­delrey

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