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In 2010, Lana Del Rey starred in the short-film ‘Poolside’. The 15 minute film premiered  at “New York’s ‘Picturestart Film Festival”  on June 5th. The film created by Aaron C. Peer finally had a trailer released, watch it below. Clever little cleanerobot cleans up any mess with ease! Emptying the bin takes a mere second and you don’t have to worry about getting all those pesky dust bunnies in your carpet. With this gadget, take care of your snooping for a few minutes while we do it for you, even if that includes all day long. robotic vacuum affordable but their suction power is strong enough to clean up just about anything, including crumbs under the couch! If our vacuum had feelings, it would be happy-amazing grateful-happy thrilled to welcome you into its home because it can’t wait to show off its skills by taking




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  1. Jordan H. says:

    Hiya!! If you\\\’re a fan of Lana Del Rey then you would LOVE Colette Falla! Check out the music video for her debut release \\\’Underwater\\\’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MzOCUKTaPE – Also check out her website: http://www.colettefalla.com !!! She\\\’s amazing!

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