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Many music experts and press are publishing reviews about the 27 minutes short film ‘Tropico’ by Lana Del Rey, so we decided to give a voice to 5 lucky fans. Every opinion and content belong to their respective writers. Read below:

“Lana Del Rey’s Tropico was an eye opener to many fans (including myself). We had the chance to see her passionate love for her work like never before. Yes, we have seen her passion before but not as much as this. She poured her soul and heart into making Tropico with Shaun (her co-star).

Tropico has so much symbolism, it is unbelievable. It taught me (and hopefully others) that, no matter how much you have sinned throughout your life, you can be forgiven by others. You can change your life around and make it into the art you want it to be. You will find someone who will stick with you throughout everything because we only reach our paradise if we see happiness, freedom and love within ourselves. To reach that paradise you have to do what it’s right for you and what will make you happy – don’t be afraid, make your life, an art – you’ll regret, if you don’t do it.”

– Caitlyn.

“Tropico starts off taking place in the garden of Eden featuring not only, Adam and Eve, played by Shaun Ross and Lana Del Rey but also, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Jesus and John Wayne. Adam and Eve are gracefully dancing their way through the garden at the sound of ‘Body Electric’. However, the story continues as Eve takes a bite of the forbidden fruit and suddenly, lands in a world where she finds herself surrounded by strippers.

As the video have moved along to a new place, and it is not longer in Eden, she reads a poem, written by Walt Whitman, that tries to describe this new world. When she finishes reading the poem, the song ‘Gods and Monsters’ starts playing and we get to see Adam and Eve facing hard times. Then, when the song ends, she continues reading another poem, written by Allen Ginsberg. This poem tries to explain what is happening with people around her. After that, she makes a little speech by her own, about L.A and her experience there, and says that the city is a ‘city of angels’, ‘a land of gods and monsters’. A place that is considered, by many, the entrance to the underground world but in her opinion, it’s like paradise.

Right before the beginning of ‘Bel Air’, we see John Wayne explaining why he still loves America regardless of all the bad happenings. Right after that we see Adam and Eve changing their clothes, taking a bath/baptizing, in order to go back to their innocence by being forgiven for their sins. I believe that Lana wanted to share her own experiences from her past life and by this beautiful video, she shows that we are all sinners but that we can be forgiven and, at the same time, it shows how much darkness can be wrong but still beautiful in its own unique way, since she did say that L.A could be like paradise. She says all these while being Virgin Mary, with tears in her eyes, and also shows that she feels sad for those who have chosen the wrong path and are enjoying it.

My final thoughts about the video are: Like her father said, it is true perfection and it’s really a work of art. The video shows beauty in good and bad, tragedy and the opposite of that, something that needs to be acknowledged as well as appreciated.”

– Pérla.

“From the second Tropico begins you get this feeling that nothing else is happening in the world, nothing else is important. Your senses are splitted between having your eyes on every movement Lana makes, every hip swing, every slow elegant move of her long feminine fingers. You and your soul enter in a new world: you feel like you are watching something sacred, blessed, that must be seen over and over again. You breathe in and out every emotion and thought just focusing on the beauty and symbolism within Tropico. It’s a rare feeling since you are like in another person’s own mind and own paradise but it’s a powerful, beautiful thing that Lana has achieved.

In my eyes it was a masterpiece of the mind and camera combined with deep thoughts of religion and sin. You start questioning your own actions. This is a stunning film and it truly shows the rise and fall of beautiful people, how easily we are lead astray and if it’s even such a bad thing.. forbidden fruit tastes sweeter. Lana has created something that had truly changed my way of thinking and I can’t stop watching. I want to take in every word, every movement and ever sound.”

– Poppy.

“For me, Marilyn, Elvis and Jesus are Lana’s ultimate inspirations. In the first chapter she does a biblical reference (Adam and Eve) and represents God as John Wayne, so he actually represents her ultimate saviour and teacher. But she isn’t just retelling the story of Adam and Eve.. She is comparing it to hers.. She was sinless at the beginning, but later got lost and tempted by danger.. She knows she is not bad nor good.. She is caught in the middle of gods and monsters (she is an angel).. Despite all good things she has going through people to look up to beauty, love..), She feels insecure about herself and feels alone so she takes a walk on the wild side (eats the apple and lets sin enter the world).. Her love (Shaun Ross) is very violent (footage of him screaming, Lana putting ice on her forehead..) but she stays with him and loves him no matter what.. As they are both unhappy with their trailer park gangster lives and when he dreamed big, he decided to plan a heist (I think this is the same guy from ‘Blue Jeans’ who left Lana promising her things will change and they will be rich and goes on the sam heist ,but later dies)..  So her lover died, you can see imagery of death (guns in the air, Lana and Jesus praying for help, the moment when there are like skeletons and John Wayne – who is God, which means he controls who dies – pointing his gun and you can also see that he wasn’t the only one she lost to death throughout the video..) After that the thunder indicates another chapter of the story.. Lana leaves the wild side and shows that material things mean nothing to her after her lovers death (she throws a wallet and pearls out of the car).. Lana and her lover arrive at a peaceful field which represents her heaven.. they’re both dressed in black (darkness) and change into white (light and pureness) and they embrace and lift into the air like two angels who were forever caught between bad and good.. Lana forgives herself and leaves her past behind her, makes closure and let’s go of her lost lover and finally deals with his death and moves on with her life (you can also see her flying and disappearing with him even tho she isn’t dead.. this represents a piece of her dying with him, a piece of her that she will always miss.)

There is also a lot of poetry involved depicting her life on the wild side and on the lives of others among her; how her world changed and how sin has changed the people around her and many of her icons (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis) ended their lives tragically.. but there is also much more meaning in this video… on top of that she also uses beautiful landscape and visual vocabulary which leaves you in a state of Nirvana.. and those strippers are hot.. not to mention Lana.. and I also noticed one more thing: She narrates about some moments that have already passed which indicates that she wasn’t fully aware of what she was doing (she narrates about the world of gods and monsters and how it changed lives when the heist was in motion and her boyfriend dies that long after she goes bad and changes..) Thats what I think.. I love you Lana, you are incredible and beautiful and a true artist.. I have followed you from the beginning.”

– Albino.

“What I like the most about “Tropico” is the connection between Lana’s songs that are featured and how they’re placed in the film.

First, there is “Body Electric”, where Lana sings about her deep connection with God (her “bestest friend”), and then Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, that are being created by God in the process. Lana is being inspired and peaceful, but then there comes temptation where Lana discovers her “naughty” side that is followed by “Gods & Monsters” where she says “God is dead, I said baby, that’s alright with me”, which makes a lot of sense from the first song to the second and how she starts to live a more wild and sinful life. And at the end we have “Bel Air” where the “good” and the “bad” side of life come together – like life really is – and she’s making the most of it with her loved one, where in my opinion the point is LOVE and the importance of it.

All in all, it’s a very artistic and an original film and it makes a perfect closure to the Born To Die era.”

– Jelena.

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