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After “PopHatesFags” has reached 200 followers on Twitter and Tumblr, they presented us the tracklisting for Lana Del Rey’s upcoming re-release, Born To Die: The Paradise Edition! Here is the text:

While we can’t offer you a definite order yet, we can give you the names of each song and a glimpse into the creation of some of the tracks.

‘Paradise’: From what we hear, this track is probably going to be the first on the album. Here Lana sets the tone of the rest of the album, which contrasts nicely with Born To Die – in fact, with ‘Paradise’, Lana has deliberately created a song that is the complete opposite of ‘Born To Die’. The song incorporates samples from her second single, starting with a few raspy “why?“‘s before launching into the song itself. Contrasting once more with the melancholy of Born To Die is the optimism we see in ‘Paradise’ – the lyrics are relatively happy for Lana as she sing’s, “You can run my heart, supersonic pop/Down, down, take you down to paradise”, and the track has an unexpected hint of electro-pop which makes it fun and exciting.
‘Ride’: This is probably going to be the first single off the album, and Lana was spotted shooting a video for it last week in the Valley of Fire in Nevada. While we haven’t heard this track yet, the fact that extras were wearing bikie gear and rode in on motorcycles might give you a hint as to the tone of the song.
‘Young and Beautiful’: While we haven’t heard a full version of this song yet, you could already listen to a snippet of it. “Will you still love me when I’m not young and beautiful?” Lana asks – but instead of the resounding “no” we might have heard on Born To Die, here she counters with a “I think you will.”
‘Heart-Shaped Box’ – A cover of the Nirvana classic, this one was on Lana’s set when she toured Australia earlier this year, but we had no clue it would end up on her album until today. You can listen to Lana’s cover of the song here. In our opinion, it’s a perfect cover – it pays homage to the original while adding a spooky, etheral, typically Lana atmosphere to it.
‘I Sing the Body Electric’: Lana’s been performing this on her live set for quite some time and she officially confirmed it for inclusion on the album a while ago. While we’re still not quite sure Lana’s going on about here, we’re almost sure it’s a charming reference to Walt Whitman’s poem of the same name, which is all about the interconnectedness of the body and the mind.
‘Blue Velvet’: ‘Blue Velvet’ is a song that was originally recorded for Lana’s H&M campaign, although our source tells us that after recording the song she loved it so much she decided to include it on the album. The song was originally written in the 1950’s by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris although has since been recorded by artists such as Tony Bennett. It’s possible that Lana’s liked this song for quite a while after she appropriated a line from it in ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ (“drinking cherry schnapps in the velvet night”). Here she speaks of eyes that were “bluer than velvet” and how she can “still see blue velvet through [her] tears”.
‘In The Land of Gods and Angels’: Lana’s been teasing this one for a while. “In the land of the gods and the angels, I was a monster,” she sings in the song, which she claims channels her inner Leonard Cohen.
‘JFK’: We don’t know much about this one yet, but it’s interesting to see how Lana’s obsession with JFK has grown. After paying homage to him with the ‘National Anthem’ music video, we’re quite intrigued to see what Lana has in store for us here.

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