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After her Philadelphia show on January 21, Lana Del Rey was interviewed by Talia Schlanger for World Cafe. In the interview Lana talks about living in the H of the Hollywood sign, the deeper meaning behind some of her lyrics, and her friendships with Courtney Love and Stevie Nicks.

Talia even asks Lana about the controversial line “he fit me and it felt like a kiss” in ‘Ultraviolence‘. Lana says, “I guess I would say I didn’t have a great reference for what a really nurturing relationship would look like.”

To read to the full interview, head over to National Public Radio – or check out the audio embedded below, which includes more than the write up! Here is a snippet from the interview:

Talia Schlanger: When you announced the new record, you released this video that is beautiful and very clever. Can you describe what we see in this video, where you are?
Lana Del Rey: I had been thinking about this idea of broadcasting from the middle of the “H” in the Hollywood sign in California. So I asked my director … to help me set up this whole space to look like the H. In it, I was sort of looking at all of the mayhem in the city below and beyond — but I also wanted it to have sort of a B movie twist on it with the narrative.

I want to talk about Stevie Nicks, who sings on “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” There’s such a great interplay between your two voices: You open the song and when she comes in, you can really hear the saltiness in her voice in a different way. I know you’re really involved in mastering and and mixing your music, and so you have your hands on her raw vocals. What’s that like?
Funny enough, I had wanted her to open the song — ’cause, you know, she’s Stevie. But she didn’t want to. She wanted to take the second verse and step into it. So, yeah, she was full of surprises. She gave me a little golden diamond H, cause she always joked about how when I got older, I would live in the H and she would live in the W of the Hollywood sign — turn it into a little A-frame house. I was like, “Really? Let’s do it.”

When you first met her in the studio, what was going through your mind?
I remember so many different things about that session. She wanted me to go in and do something at the end, like a little tag. I got on the microphone and I had, like, red-light fever because she was watching me. I said, “That was bad, my voice was breaking.” And she’s like, “I like that it was breaking. I’m gonna try and do it like you now.”


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