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Are you looking for some great new music to listen to? Click here to learn the best Lana Del Rey songs that you’re sure to want to download and jam to.

Lana Del Rey encompasses everything that is enigmatic, tenacious, glamorous and grassroots all at once.

While carving out her path as Lizzy Grant, the acoustic guitar playing, semi folk songwriter of the downtown New York music scene, she was also studying philosophy and metaphysics at Fordham University to better understand God and science.

She recorded and released music under early stage-personas May Jailer and Sparkle Jump Rope Queen before settling on Lana Del Rey, the dark and exotic pop sensation.

Her rich vocals and sparse modern-pop production somehow match her intriguing backstory. The young girl who reinvented herself until she became one of America’s most alluring artists.

In light of all this, we decided to compile a list of the best Lana Del Rey songs for you to download to your laptop and enjoy.

The Best Lana Del Rey Songs

Wondering what her best songs are? Check them out below!

1. Video Games

First off the ranks is the viral video that brought Lana Dey Rey her fame back in 2011, Video Games.

Written by Del Rey and Justin Parker and produced by Robopop (Daniel Omelio), the clip was directed and edited by Del Rey herself. Video Games currently has over 227 million YouTube views, not bad for a homemade indie release. The clip is a sort of “keepsake” for Lana Del Rey fans.

You can learn how to download youtube videos on Mac for personal use if you’d like to have this clip as a momentum.

The line “go play your video game” punches through the layers of slow synths leaving you wondering if it’s a snide stab at a previous partner. Del Rey revealed that the song was written during a simple time of her life with a guy who enjoyed video games.

2. Norman Fucking Rockwell

The sixth single of Del Rey’s sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell is a catchy ballad about a “man child”.

The track is simple in its production like an early Fiona Apple’s release, with just a piano, Del Rey’s vocals, and some simple horn and string overlays coming in towards the end. Del Rey’s blunt lyrics and unique vocal tone are enough to make this a simple yet powerful song.

3. Summertime Sadness

This track was released in 2012 on Del Rey’s second studio album Born To Die and was almost dwarfed by the success of its subsequent remixes.

It’s a classic move by Del Rey to write a sad sounding song about summertime. The song remains true to her melancholy, slightly dark style but picks up with drums and synths that give it some drive.

The lyrics create so much contrast over the music that you listen in a kind of curious wonder of what it’s about. Another simple yet powerful song that you should download to your laptop.

4. Born to Die

The Born to Die video clip is really something you have to see. It features Del Rey sitting on a throne with a Bengal tiger to either side of her. The perfect summary of her classy image.

Born to Die is the title track and second single off Del Reys debut studio album released in 2011. The track reached number 9 on the UK charts and also won the award for best pop – international video at the UK music video awards.

5. Young and Beautiful

Lana’s deep rich vocals sound like they are from a 1940’s Broadway production which makes them stand out even more against the slow and spooky orchestral instrument sounds.

The track was used in The Great Gatsby soundtrack in 2013 and was Del Rey’s highest-ranking song on charts around the world since the release of Video Games. Lana Del Rey and Rick Nowels were nominated for best song written for visual media at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

The song expresses a girl questioning the trueness of love and whether it transcends physical beauty.

6. High By The Beach

High By The Beach has a hook in the chorus that sucks you into the whole song. It made our list of songs you should download because it’s so different from the classic Lana Del Rey sound. Her voice is lighter and airy against a classic organ with a techno drum loop that somehow works with the chilled out vibe of the song.

High By The Beach is the first single of Del Rey’s fourth studio album Honeymoon released in 2015. It’s a great track for chilling-out and long car trips.

7. The Next Best American Record

Another one from Del Rey’s latest release and another perfect example of her simple style that enhances her matter of fact lyrics. This track works up to a little more spring in its step being joined in the chorus by a range of pop synth instruments.

The Next Best American Record was released in 2019 on the Normal Fucking Rockwell album and is an interesting indication of Del Rey’s evolving style. It seems to be about a time in Del Rey’s life where she was obsessed with creating a record that would be a hit.

You can dance, cry, laugh or just chill-out to this song.

Coming in 2020

Other than jamming out to the best Lana Del Rey songs, another project currently in the pipes is her debut book that is scheduled to be released sometime in 2020. Titled Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, it is said to be a collection of her poetry and short pieces. In 2019 Del Rey announced that she would also release a spoken word album and donate half of its proceeds to native American land conservation and rights.

Lana Del Rey is also set to release her seventh studio album this year titled White Hot Forever. There is some ambiguity surrounding whether this will be a studio album or the spoken word album accompanying her book.

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