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In interview to the Independent, I am hype and The Aquarian Weekly, singer Marina and The Diamonds spoke about Lana Del Rey and the possibility of making a collaboration with her.


“At the starting everyone was comparing me to Lana,” she told me at the time. “You will always be compared in that fashion when you are a girl. People zero in on the fashion, on stuff like ‘well, she’s a got a curl and Lana Del Rey has a curl…they must be the same thing’. I adore her, think she’s tremendously talented. However, I’m glad the comparison has gone away.”

I am hype

Long time ago, we heard some rumors about the possibility of a collaboration with Britney Spears or Lana Del Rey…

« With Britney Spears? (laughs). That would be weird. Lana, I love Lana. »

And she loves you too, no?
« I think so. One thing is to love an artist and another thing is working with it. So it wouldn’t probably work, for example between me and Britney. But you never know, I love here so I will always be interested to do so. »

And with Lana, would it be possible for you?
« I do not know, I mean I haven’t seen her for four years. It really depends on the song, if you stay with the person, there are many other factors you know… So we’ll see, you never know. Never say never. »

The Aquarian

Friends of mine always talk about you and Lana Del Rey being sort of the dream lineup.

« (Laughs) You and half of the internet. That’s all that I see in my Twitter mentions (laughs). »

I wonder what it is, the both of you being strong females might be it, I suppose.

« (Laughs) I don’t know! I love her. I think we share a similar aesthetic in a way, my second album and her first one. I think we both obsessed over an icon, but yeah, I think she’s lovely. »

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