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Since January 2012, Lana Del Rey has been a victim of leakers[1] online and has been watching several of her unreleased songs/videos and some unseen photos exposed all over the Internet without her permission and acknowledge. Due to the fact that we disagree with this behaviour and we always put respect and loyalty in the first place, we decided to launch the cause «Say No Leaks». Every single fansite, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc., (no matter the language or nationality of the admins) can join this project by e-mailing us to and by following the rules below:

Partners (list of sources): and all social networks;

1. If you own a fansite, you must add the logotype on your index page just like we have on our website (left side). If you need another size for the bottom just ask! Click here to download the official file;
2. You cannot upload, host and/or share links/videos/audios that contain leaked material on your online pages. If you have questions regarding which material is unauthorized, just e-mail us as well;
3. You are not able to inform on the news section of your website, or any other social network (i.e Twitter, Facebook), that a certain song/demo/video leaked;
4. Try to contact and convince other online sources and/or individual fans, who are sharing leaked material, to stop doing it and to remove the content;
5. Report online accounts that are leaking material of Lana Del Rey such as: Tumblrs, Twitters, Youtube channels, individual websites, etc.;

There is nothing more powerful than a group of people coming together for a just cause especially when that cause is because and for someone loved and admired by all of us. You can truly make a difference.

[1] Leakers: Group of people who share or pass publically and intentionally a secret information or unauthorized material;

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