The Land of 1000 fires

Two blue steel trains run through the tunnels of your
cool blue steel eyes
Rock quarry
The vastness of which has nothing on my beautiful mind
I hear Dylan when i look at you
i can see it on my arm in invisible ink like a tattoo
The ying to my yang
the toughness to my unending softness
A striking example of masculinity
firm in your verticality
sure in your confrontation against all elements
and duality
The sun to my wilting daisy
The earth to the wildflower that doesn’t care where it grows

everything’s burnt here
there’s no escaping it
the air is fried and on fire
I’ve never really fallen in love
but whatever this feeling is
i wish everyone could experience it
this place feels like a person
like someone i’ve stood next to before
but never while i was standing next to you
Thank you
for being here
for bearing witness to my vastness

Through the years I’ve called you in and out of my orbit
You, in your madness
the satellite that’s constellating my World
mimicking the inner chaos that i’ve disowned
a mirror to my past life retribution
a reflection of my sadness
If I’m going to keep on living the way that i’m living
i can’t do it without you.
My feet aren’t on the ground
i need your body to stand on
your name to define me
on top of being a woman
i am scared

there are seven worlds in my eyes

i’m accessing all of them at once

one to drawn my words from and my muses
another one i try and harness late at night that lies somewhere
off of the right of Jupiter
and then of course there’s this one i live in
the land of 1000 fires
that’s where you come in

Two blue steel trains
running through the tunnels of your
cool blue steel eyes

to guide me far from the world of my early days
that i can’t quite make out clearly that beckon me toward high sea cliffs
on long car rides

towards a future place
a world unknown to me
made up of something surreal and dripping
Flowers in solar systems Oversized

You Vernon Dylan

no words needed to sponge up the
dark nights
no explanation for the globes in my eyes
shoulder to shoulder in the factory light
letting me be who i would have been
if everything had turned out alright

3 alternative endings
course through my blood on ice
i thrive because i say i do
and because it’s what i write

But honestly if you weren’t here
i don’t know what things would look like

That’s why no matter what world i’m in
i navigate by satellite
and you in your madness

two trains running
through cool blue eyes

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