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Lana Del Rey to Vanity Fair: “I see my friends every day”

Lana Del Rey was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair about the beauty-blogger phenomenon, her Gucci perfume campaign and what her biggest form of self-care is.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

Vanity Fair: The title of your new album brings to mind a certain classic vision of America. What was your headspace like for this record?
Lana Del Rey: It was weird how that actual title came to me. I was riffing over a couple of chords that Jack [Antonoff] was playing for the title track, which ended up being called “Norman Fucking Rockwell.” It was kind of an exclamation mark: so this is the American dream, right now. This is where we’re at—Norman fucking Rockwell. We’re going to go to Mars, and [Donald] Trump is president, all right. Me and Jack, we just joke around constantly about all the random headlines we might see that week, so it’s a slight cultural reference. But it’s not a cynical thing, really. To me, it’s hopeful, to see everything as a little bit funnier. The chaos of the culture is interesting, and I’m hopeful that there’s room for there to be some movement and excitement within it.

There’s a line in “Video Games” about “[putting] his favorite perfume on”—a reminder that scent is as much a public performance as a private gesture. Do you have a relationship to it?
I love fragrance. I was always hesitant about being a crossover person, like a singer-slash-whatever. But if I had had less reservations, I [might have created] my own fragrance before I became the face of one. I didn’t want to do it in a big way—just for my own fans to enjoy. But I really do like fragrance. Being in L.A., you can tell the change of seasons depending on what flowers you can smell in the air. And I like the pink pepper and the peach [in Gucci Guilty]—very light, but a little spicy, which I think makes it easier to wear every day. In that way, it kind of reminds me of something I would have liked when I was a little bit younger. When I was in middle school, me and [my] cousins would go down to Bath & Body Works and get an apple perfume, with one note, or a vanilla roller. It was thrilling. I still like a one-note perfume. Even if I’m putting on a Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, I like the smell of a little coconut. Or a rosewater spray.

Was there chemistry between you and Jared Leto, as subjects in this strange fantasy world in the Gucci campaign?
We work pretty differently. He’s been acting for so long that it’s very easy for him to just come in and off the set, but I like to hang out with the crew and Alessandro and see if they were shooting an ostrich [laughs]. So no, I didn’t get to pretend that I was with my old crush from My So-Called Life—although I did have one moment where we were supposed to be slow-dancing in the laundromat. I freaked out because I forgot how to do that for some reason. He was really nice and taught me how to dance again, so that was our most couple-ish moment.

The old-school hair salon appears in so many classic movie scenes. Did it bring up certain associations for you?
I spent years putting my hair into wet sets, so I’ve sat under those giant hoods myself. I’m sure I loved them at one point, but I just hate them now! I’d put my hair into rollers, dry them into curls, and then brush them out, so it was like a big Texas triangle. I would do that like every four days, if I was playing shows or for little appearances. Now I put it into braids and hope for the best!

Read the full interview at VanityFair.com here.

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Lana Del Rey celebrates Valentine’s Day with friends (February 12-14)

Lana Del Rey was spotted out with her manager Ben Mawson on February 12. She spent Valentine’s Day relaxing with her friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Candids > 2019 > Out with Ben Mawson in Beverly Hills, California, USA (February 12)
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Candids > 2019 > Celebrating Valentine’s Day at The Beverly Hills Hotel with friends in Beverly Hills, California, USA (February 14)
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Lana Del Rey attends the Pre-Grammy Gala (February 9)

Last night Lana Del Rey attended the Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute and industry icons honouring Clarence Avant. It was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.The official Grammy ceremony will take place on February 11.

Public Appearances > 2018 > Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons Honouring Clarence Avant at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, USA (February 9)
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Lana Del Rey talks to Harper’s Bazaar about her upcoming album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’

Lana Del Rey spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about her upcoming album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’, which she revealed will have 13 tracks. She explained that it’s “like a mood album” with an organic, old-LA feel and “rock undertones”.

Harper’s BAZAAR: Your Gucci Guilty campaign with Jared Leto looks awesome. What was it like making that?
Lana Del Rey: It was really fun. We were shooting for five days in L.A. last year, and we got to shut down all the big locations. Alessandro wanted to shoot at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, so we shutdown that big cemetery, which is really famous here, and we had a grocery store that we were filming in the next day, and then we went to the valley and shot in an old laundromat there.

It was kind of funny, because all these places that I would normally go to by myself, or with friends just to hang out, we were closing down and putting ostriches in and tigers. It was definitely a trip, and when I met Alessandro to talk about this concept of “Hollyweird” and he wanted these two people to be doing all these regular everyday things, but with their diamonds on and their Gucci jumpsuits on, I thought it was cute, for sure.

HB: You’ve been wearing Gucci for a while now on the red carpet.
LDR: When we were kids, [Gucci] just almost seemed like out-of-this-world glamorous. So, to be wearing stuff for them now is really such a cool little experience, especially because some of the stuff I wore for the Grammys was custom. Alessandro sent a few sketches over, and even for me it was very dramatic with the halo and stars everywhere. I was like, “Oh my gosh. I was don’t know if I can pull this off.”

It’s been really fun, going to the Met Gala with a headpiece on that weighed 25 pounds, and poking everyone’s eye out if I did all my turns. He’s definitely very much “more is more” on the red carpet, so it’s been funny to step into that world because I think, left to my own devices, I’m really creative, but I’m a little more quiet, so it’s been a fun collaboration.

HB: In addition to being involved with Gucci you also have an album coming out soon. Is there anything you can tease about it, or how it might be different from Lust for Life?
LDR: I am excited about this album. I finished it for the most part at the beginning of January, and I think it’s a little bit different from maybe the last two records in the way that I just don’t really have a plan for it. It sort of came about because I met Jack Antonoff last year up at the Clive Davis party before the Grammys and he said that we should get in the studio, and I told him I only had a few songs that I had already written.

If we hadn’t sat down, I don’t know if I would have planned to make an entire 13-track record. One thing I like about it is it has a really organic, I don’t want to say an acoustic feel, but it has a kind of old L.A.—a little bit of, I don’t want to say rock, but some of those rock undertones on the last songs on the record. It’s like a mood album. There’s not really any big bangers on it, it’s just day-in-the-life mood music, which is some of my favorite stuff to drive to and listen to.

Read the full interview here.

Photoshoots > 2019 > For Gucci Guilty by Glen Luchford
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Lana Del Rey talks to i-D about being ‘weird enough’ for the Gucci Guilty Campaign

Lana Del Rey recently spoke to i-D about working on the Gucci Guilty campaign alongside Courtney Love and Jared Leto, as well as her upcoming album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’.

How was shooting the campaign with Glen and Jared?
It was fun. I didn’t know what to expect or how much it would really look like a movie set – I grew up watching Jared and being on site with him was a trip. Also Glen was fantastic.

Did you feel like you were playing an archetypal LA character?
Yes! Even for me it was a lot. It felt very Lynchian, which is always fun to explore in Los Angeles in these dramatic settings like the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Why do you think Alessandro felt you encapsulated the fragrance?
He told me he felt like it was a scent for a woman who did whatever she wanted and I’m very much that person. I’m a little bit eclectic, a little different, and definitely on my own path, but at the same time I have a lot of feminine sensibilities and this particular fragrance is on the lighter side and a little bit younger because of that, so I think he thought I had the right spirit for it. Also he wanted to have a campaign that was centred around this concept of ‘Hollyweird,’ so I guess he thought I was just weird enough for it.

Read the full interview here.

Photoshoots > 2019 > For Gucci Guilty by Glen Luchford
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