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MTVHIVE Interview

Lana Del Rey gave and Interview to MTV Hives, where she talks about her parents, SNL and much more. You can read it below.

How did you start getting into music?

When I was really little, I liked to sing, just with my mom. I would sing in school, I sang in church, because that’s just what we did. I sang in high school, in choir, a little a cappella group. I didn’t think I’d be a real singer, but I did like to do it. But then I got to New York when I was 18, and I decided that it would be really nice for me if I could be a singer. So I moved to Brooklyn with my boyfriend, and just started singing and playing there.

Did your parents have music around?

They didn’t have too much music around, but they actually both had really nice voices. My dad wrote country songs for fun, and my mom sang for fun. My dad liked the Beach Boys, my mom liked Carly Simon, but we didn’t really listen to them; we just put the radio on — whatever would be on the radio. Growing up, I didn’t really listen to that much music. My friends and I listened to rap — to like Eminemor like, god, whatever was going on then — dance music, electronic stuff. Other than that, we were not that enlightened about all things “cool,” musically. We got there eventually!

When did you start writing songs?

I didn’t write anything that I loved until I was 18, so it was later. When I was younger, I always loved to write — that was one thing I really liked to do. I would write fiction on my own time, and I liked writing in school. I thought that was one of the less offensive school subjects, so that was fun for me. I transitioned to singing when I picked up the guitar. I’ve never been good at the guitar — always been bad — but it did help me write for the first four years.



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SNL Promo with Lana

For those who couldn’t see the ‘Saturday Night Live’ promo with Lana Del Rey at NBC.com, here a mirrored version from YT:

Miscellaneous > Filming SNL Promos

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Release dates for Born To Die

Lana Del Rey officially revealed the tracklisting of her ‘Born To Die’ album and we also got the release dates for the different countries:

The album is released on the following dates around the world:

January, 27th (Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Ireland/Belgium/Holland/Scandinavia)

January, 30th (UK/Portugal/Rest of World)

January, 31st (USA/CA)

February, 3rd (Australia)

February, 6th (New Zealand)

February, 7th (Brazik)

You can pre-order the album here:

Standard Edition:

iTunesclick here // Amazonclick here // HMVclick here // Play click here

Deluxe Edition:

iTunesclick here // Amazonclick here

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Interview with MTV

Some people asked us if we could post the MTV videos of Lana Del Rey from Youtube because they couldn’t watch the videos in their countries from MTV, so I post them again now. Unfortunately they are mirrored but better than nothing (;

You can read the whole article HERE at MTV.com where Lana talks about the ‘Born To Die’ video and more. In the end she said:

“I’m a very happy person. I feel really at peace with my life and where it’s been for the last long time, really,” she said. “I’m grateful for my life, I’m grateful for being able to make music, and for everyone around me. So, yeah, overall, I feel happy.”

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Lana covers russian ‘Interview’

Lana Del Rey will be also on the cover of the russian magazine Interview featured with a new amazing photoshoot! Click on the banner above to see the full-size cover.

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