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Lana Del Rey covers Vogue Italia and shares new poetry: “I’m writing my future”

Lana Del Rey is on the cover of Vogue Italia this month. The magazine is out today (June 4) and there are three covers to collect. Instead of an interview, the issue features some of Lana’s poetry and a watercolour painting.

You can check them out in out gallery below or on the Vogue Italia website. However, we have typed her poems out so they can be viewed and read easily in one place. Click here to access Lana’s Poetry Collection.

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Lana Del Rey celebrates her and her friends’ birthdays early (June 1)

On June 1, Lana Del Rey celebrated her birthday early, along with two of her friends Jen and Tati who also have June birthdays.

Lana will turn 34 on June 21 but she will start touring again during the summer. She will perform in Ireland on June 22 so won’t be at home to celebrate her birthday on the day with her friends.

On Instagram she said, “super grateful we could celebrate before everybody left town for the summer.” She also said there were “5 other June babies who were in the room!”

Candids > 2019 > Lana celebrating her and her friends’ June birthdays early in Los Angeles, California, USA
(June 1)

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Lana Del Rey attends church service (May 22-29)

Lana Del Rey was spotted attending church service with her friends on May 22 and 29 in Los Angeles.

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Candids > 2019 > Attending church service in Los Angeles, California, USA (May 29)
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Listen to Lana Del Rey’s new cover: Doin’ Time

Lana Del Rey has officially released her cover of Sublime’s 1996 song “Doin’ Time” for the upcoming documentary about them which recently premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.

The song is available to stream/buy on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more. Click here to choose your preferred platform or search for it manually.

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Vogue Korea interviews Lana Del Rey: “I was impressed with BTS’ engery”

Lana Del Rey was recently interviewed by Vogue Korea where she talked about her partnership with Gucci and music. You can read the original source here, but we have provided a rough translation below.

If you would like to provide us with a proper translation, please email us. It would be greatly appreciated by us and our readers. You will be credited.

Do you remember the day you first sprayed perfume?
Lana Del Rey: When I was young, my mum kept her perfume in a closet or medicine cabinet. I don’t remember the brand well, but the aroma was very heavy. Since that day, I’ve been attracted to perfume. I got into the world of perfume with a miniature product from a drugstore or small store.

As we grow, tastes change. Let’s go back to when you were 20 with a time machine. What perfume did you enjoy at that time?
Lana Del Rey: Unfortunately, there was no extreme change in perfume taste. I love light and floral fragrance. The nostalgia of a single enthusiastic note during my teens is still good. It’s a simple fragrance made from one ingredient that can be bought anywhere like vanilla or cotton candy.

Taste preference is pretty steady. Do you have any special perfume usage?
Lana Del Rey: I spray a little after bathing or just before going to bed. I also enjoy mixing and matching the perfume of different notes. When writing lyrics or writing, I often use fragrances with mature scents or exotic notes like sandalwood.

You have become the female face of Gucci Guilty. What is special about Gucci Beauty?
Lana Del Rey: Alessandro Michele returns to the very concept of beauty. Thanks to this, Gucci Beauty is going to be beautiful. His creation is fascinating.

Tell us about Gucci Guilty as the first woman of this fragrance.
Lana Del Rey: It has light floral notes of peach and lilac blend. It’s very feminine and delicate. I thought it was a good fragrance when I first tried it. It is not too heavy, but it gives me a special feeling.

Do you remember your first meeting with Alessandro Michele?
Lana Del Rey: I first talked to him on the phone before I met him. I don’t remember exactly when we first met, but we quickly became friends. He has everything. He’s a calm character, his work is really great, bold, fascinating and colourful. His aspirations and energy for work are a great inspiration to me.

How was filming the campaign?
Lana Del Rey: It was great. Jared [Leto] and I were enjoying every moment. It was really exciting because I wanted a Hollyweird movie. Michele created interesting and beautiful ideas through the usual places like beauty salons and grocery stores.

The Gucci Guilty promotional video, shot in Hollywood Forever cemetery, caused a sensation in Beauty World.
Lana Del Rey: My favourite memory was a big fire on a nearby freeway at a launderette. It was a dangerous situation where all of the shooting staff were wearing masks. We could not figure out if we could evacuate and miss a day without any major problems. But everything turned out to be safe.

This year marks 7 years since your big debut. Looking back, what comes to mind first?
Lana Del Rey: Ironically, this moment was the most calm. When a beautiful melody comes to me, it’s time for me to know hat such inspiration and song will last forever.

You recently released a new single. How was the song ‘Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have’ with such calm vocals and melody?
Lana Del Rey: It took me 3 years to complete. It’s one of my most personal songs. There are many meanings hidden in the lyrics and melodies.

Which of your songs best represents you?
Lana Del Rey: ‘Shades of Cool’ or ‘Cruel World’

Do you have a Korean artist that you’ve always watched?
Lana Del Rey: Today, Korean singers are very popular in LA. I heard an interesting story about BTS and listened to their songs. There was a special difference between this and American music. I was impressed with the energy.

Who is the most influential person in your life and career?
Lana Del Rey: I have a good time with my friends. They have a generosity and know how to live (laughs).

Let’s say now is Sunday morning 10am. What are you doing?
Lana Del Rey: Just finished running and doing refreshing exercise!

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