Celebrity Mentions

Updated on: February 27, 2016

Many were the celebrities who talked about Lana Del Rey online and on interviews.

“Brooklyn Baby ???” – Lady Gaga on Instagram

“I’m obsessed with her. Her lyrics are fierce. The chorus of this song makes me feel like I’m flying, like that bit in your life when it goes into slo-mo. When you’ve got nothing to do and you’re staring out of the window and your mind goes to magical places.” – Adele for Complex

“Alabama Shakes. Lana Del Rey — she just stabs my soul all the time and makes me just want to cry. I love how mysterious she is as well. And I love that she just puts a record out and that’s it.” – Adele for New York Times

“W/ my spirit animal at Clive Davis ?? @lanadelrey” – Ellie Goulding on Instagram

“Thank you @LanaDelRey for lending your beautiful presence to this project. You mean the world.” – The Weeknd on Twitter

“but seriously we love you thanku everybody that voted for us WE HAD A GR8 TIME ADELE IS A BABE Also LANA DEL REY is a babe loads of babes xo” – Years and Years on Twitter

“We’re not dating. I would have sex with her music.” – James Franco for Howard Stern

“find this mesmerising. beautiful video. so amazingly shot. making me want to be back in california! she’s so talented.” – Dido on Twitter

“We just got to Los Angeles. We collectively love the Lana del Rey album. I hope you are all well, love c m” – Coldplay on Twitter

“I think it is great! She is great, I love that song, “Video Games”, it’s a beautiful song, perfect. I like “Blue Jeans” too, that video is amazing, very evocative. She is creating an image that I like a lot. I appreciate her style and what she is doing.” – Florence Welch on interview

“That Lana Del Rey is quite cute isn’t she? I quite like her,” said the supermodel. “I can’t stop singing that song in my head. It’s so catchy. And she looks great. Like Priscilla [Presley].” – Kate Moss on interview

“Stunning Blue Jeans video @LanaDelRey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-6cCmxaGoQ …” – Kylie Minogue on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey ‘s new album is my new favorite thing. Always leaves me wanting more *replay* *replay* *replay*……” – Amy Lee on Twitter

“Sad that @LanaDelRey got stuck with that “gangsta Nancy” thing. Not true. Unfair to her. She’s her own person.” – Nancy Sinatra on Twitter

“love this performance..@lanadelrey  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPb6O52_rYU&feature=fvst …” – Sia Furler on Twitter

“The beautiful @lanadelrey is tearing it up femme fatale style tonight at the el Rey! Well done you cookie!” – Sia Furler on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey wassup lil lady. We have a record we would luv 4 u to b on! Via major lazer jah bless!!” – Snoop Dogg on Twitter

“I don’t know… I’m kinda weird with my selections. I’ve been into Lana Del Rey” – Christina Aguilera on interview

“I told you!!! She’s so good!! RT @NayaRivera: @msleamichele was completely right, I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey now! She’s the sickest!” – Lea Michele and Naya Rivera on Twitter

“Lana Del Rey all day.” – Katy Perry on Twitter 

“Just saw the beauty queen Lana Del Rey sing and she was a dream…” – Katy Perry on Twitter

“Excited to see @LanaDelRey to play tonight on the Echo Awards in Germany… Blue Jeans video is tres magnifique! Congrats Yoann Lemoine!” – Katy Perry on Twitter

“Lana Del Rey, she’s got some fantastic charisma and — this is a very interesting thing — it’s like she’s born out of another time,(…) She’s got something that’s very appealing to people. And I didn’t know that she was influenced by me!” – David Lynch on interview

“@LanaDelRey wow, what a lovely voice stunning face and great sleepy tunes. I am musically in love.” – La Roux on Twitter

“great night! went to see @LanaDelRey with @yasminechanel @darrenf1992 @eoghanmcdermo , what a singer! she is amazing” – Niall Horan on Twitter

“Burning Desire and Bel Air “@Rami1931: @Jaime_King what is your favorite song from Lana Del Rey’s Paradise album?” – Jaime King on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gg8pZYjCTM … This is awesome Lizzy.  So happy for you! Finally getting the success you’ve always deserved” – Reeve Carney on Twitter

“I think Lana Del Rey always looks amazing, she is beautiful!” – Marina And The Diamonds on interview

“I find it so interesting that after the whole Gaga thing, then comes Lana Del Rey, who does nothing and is completely fascinating!” – Marina And The Diamonds on interview 

“I think it is because she is very beautiful. If she had a common look, people wouldn’t be so mean. But she already have people that understand her.” – Marina And The Diamonds on interview

“Yo @LanaDelRey nice to a sweet voice with such a sweet person. Sorry I mafia killed you.” – Pete Wentz on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey  @bryanadams  Bryan has anyone told Lana what Heartshaped box is about?” – Courtney Love Cobain on Twitter 

“@LanaDelRey  you do know the song is about my Vagina right? throw down your umbilical noose so i can climb right back umm” – Courtney Love Cobain on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey  so umm next time you sing it,  think about my  vagina will you? lol xc” – Courtney Love Cobain on Twitter

“I saw the rehearsal and I know what I’m going to see: a girl frightened. She only played her first big gig in America maybe a couple of months before. She’s a sweet girl who has got a great voice and I think there’s a lot there, provided people give her a chance.” – Daniel Radcliffe on interview

“It was unfortunate that people seemed to turn on her so quickly, (…) I also think people are making it about things other than the performance [on SNL], (…) If you read what people are saying about her online, it’s all about her past and her family and stuff that’s nobody else’s business. I don’t think it warranted anywhere near that reaction.” – Daniel Radcliffe on interview

“Met the lovely @lanadelrey and her two lovely friends. Admire her grace.  http://say.ly/Nyf1pyv” – Rita Wilson on Twitter

“I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she [Lana Del Rey] is not bad.The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She’s not alone with implants.” – Karl Lagerfeld on interview

“@LanaDelRey Hello beautiful one Loving your music so much. I hope we can cross paths some time very soon x o x o” – Lisa Veronica on Twitter

“Me too X RT: @Lisa_Veronica I f*cking love @LanaDelRey. The end.” – Jessica Veronica & Lisa Veronica on Twitter

“I was hearing these songs that were really fresh to my ear and amazing and I asked the guy who she was and he said, ‘Watch out for her, it’s a girl called Lana Del Rey’.” – Cheryl Cole on interview

“What did Lana Del Rey do during her SNL performance that caused such a stir ..?” – Nina Dobrev on Twitter

“I’m a fan of her music…especially her new song “born to die”. Going online to see her on SNL to find out what all the fuss is about” – Nina Dobrev on Twitter

“If youve heard LDRs album you know shes talented,she just looked nervous to be on SNL and probably uncomfortable in that super long dress :S” – Nina Dobrev on Twitter

“We listen to Lana Del Rey these days.” – 2NE1 on interview

“Lana Del Rey Is That Bitch.” – Azealia Banks on Twitter

“Does Lana Del Rey like girls?……. if so, can i have her please???” – Azealia Banks on Twitter

“@TheDebbyRyan right?? she’s my new obsession and miss you too!! im in LA for a little bitt let’s do something xx” – Chloë Grace Moretz on Twitter

“I have mad respect for @LanaDelRey” – Jonah Hill on Twitter

“@Lipsytweet yes, I love @LanaDelRey” – Natalia Kills on Twitter

“I’ve known her [Lana Del Rey] a couple of years. I don’t remember how I met her, but I made a remix and worked with her on some music. I’ve hung out with her a bunch and she’s an interesting character. I worked on a song with called “BBM Baby” about BlackBerry Messenger.” – Penguin Prison on interview

“i must say i’m rather fond of Miss Del Ray’s “off to the races” – Lily Cooper on Twitter

“A verdict has been reached. -hits down gavel- I retract all friendships with those who do not Love @LanaDelRey. She is ethereal happiness” – Chris Crocker on Twitter

“Just Found Out Lana Del Ray Wanted To Work With Me. Had No Idea. If Your Reading This Im Down, I Have Pretty Instrumentals” – Tyler, The Creator on Twitter

“going to see the beautiful @LanaDelRey play tonight… her voice is perfection.” – Jeffree Star on Twitter

“the @LanaDelRey tonight was like falling in love for the first time than being stabbed to death. it felt amazing” – Jeffree Star on Twitter

“I am a big fan of Lana Del Rey and her music. Her style is a mix of Old Hollywood and beach chic, and her music is very California cool. Here are my top fave songs of hers right now: Blue Jeans, Video Games, Born To Die, National Anthem” – Kylie Jenner on her website

“Interscope support night… @cherrytreerec @LanaDelRey” – Fernando Garibay on Twitter

“Lana del Rey’s music makes me want to live in the Hamptons in 1925 and drink old fashioneds. That is a vibe.” – The Ready Set on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey love you” – Vince Kidd on Twitter

“@diplo @vanillanigga @borgore @lanadelrey I’ll bring Oreos & glowsticks, diplo u bring a sacrificial goat, & Lana brings absinthe/her lips” – Simon Curtis on Twitter

“Btw @lanadelrey I want to write with you, as you’re Jesus, with better nails.  Sincerely – s” – Simon Curtis on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey I can see ! Callin you this week. x” – Woodkid on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey How’s my gurl doin today ? Things are getting super exciting over here !” – Woodkid on Twitter

“MY LUV @LanaDelRey WEARING MY HEART SHAPED GLASSES AT THE PREMIERE OF RIDE pic.twitter.com/uiBikXL3” – Jeremy Scott on Twitter

“I MISS MY DARLING @LANADELREY !!! COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME LANA DEL REY!!! http://j.mp/HR9ztp” – Jeremy Scott on Twitter

“MY BABY HAS FINALLY COME HOME !!! LOVE U 2 PIECES @LANADELREY !!! http://twitpic.com/9bjgnu” – Jeremy Scott on Twitter

“HANGING W MY HOMEGIRL @LanaDelRey http://yfrog.com/oc7jrczj” – Jeremy Scott on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey i loveeeee you!!!!!” – Fearne Cotton on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey i just played Video Gmaes on Radio1 and it sounded INCREDIBLE. It went down a treat! <3” – Fearne Cotton on Twitter

“@LanaDelRey Oh my GOD, you twote me. I am completely revived.” – India Knight on Twitter

“You didn’t know about me being a huge Lana Del Rey fan? That’s all I kept talking about all winter,” says the rapper. “I first had had a crush on her from seeing her on the Internet — I fell in love with her voice the first time I heard it. I probably heard it in July, August for the first time, I think it was ‘Blue Jeans.’ And from then on, I’m like… I love her! Mind you, we never even spoke to each other, and then in Complex [magazine], when she said I was her favorite rapper, I was like, ‘Oh fuck no, man. I gotta work with her! My dream girl acknowledges me!” – A$AP Rocky on interview

“Can’t get enough of @LanaDelRey pumped for the record!” – Ellen Page on Twitter

“let’s finish that tune x RT @LanaDelRey: @MrHudson in london xx” – Mr Hudson on Twitter

“[About SNL] Everybody calm down. It’s a little troubling that when a young girl fails at something that we keep kicking her why she is down. I get very protective of girls, especially young performers, because they live a hard, emotionally challenging, often physically challenging life where you are constantly given reasons to be insecure and have panic attacks. I totally get the stuff about her not deserving to be there and I don’t mean to insult musicians in any way if that’s how they feel obviously, but this is an opportunity to show us how hard being a performer is so maybe they can all be cut some slack. Flack? I think we take our performers for granted. It’s super fucking hard to entertain people and it takes a lot of work.” – Whitney Cummings on interview

“Hey All! Mando Diao is coming out w new rec.They’re great! http://musicissubjective.com/2011/04/mando-diao-give-me-fire-set-for-u-s-release/” – Juliette Lewis on Twitter

“en amour with @LanaDelRey, best of voices out there.” – Beatrice Martin on Twitter

“That was a good show. Right, Lana? http://instagr.am/p/WbRXk/” – Travelin Trapeze Man on Twitter

“Can’t stop listening to the new track from Ms @LanaDelRey. Beautiful track, beautiful woman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGR1iDuKabU …” – Mr Porter on Twitter

“@SomeParade I do not appreciate your tone, sir! I am otherwise engaged. I simply wish @LanaDelRey the best and we are Internet #BestFriends.” – Jake Fogelnest on Twitter

“@lanadelrey Video Games on the soundtrack at Prabal Gurung!!!!!!!!!!! Lizzy!!!!!” – Man Repeller on Twitter

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