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Here is a video where Lana Del Rey talks a bit about her boyfriend. For those who don’t know yet: According to a source, Lana is in a relationship with scottish ‘Kassidy’ band leader Barrie James O’Neill. “They are an untypical couple but it seems to work”. Lana and Barrie know each other for a couple of years and are dating for about six months. Click below to see some pictures showing them together.


Here is also a Kassidy cover of Lana’s “Video Games”!

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6 thoughts on “Lana talks about her boyfriend”

  1. Doodles says:

    Nooo! I can’t watch the vid cos I’m not in the USA! Is there any way I can see it? Can someone possibly upload to YouTube or something, please? I really hate that MTV blocks almost all of their videos on the American site if you live outside the US.

  2. Valeria says:

    I haven’t find it on YT yet, sorry :(

  3. jane says:

    Same as Doodles, if anyone could put it on YouTube that would be amazzzing!

  4. Ella says:

    Didn’t she say “He’s in music, but not a musician” ?? How old is the video ? She might be talking of someone else who she dated before getting together with Barrie, since he is clearly a musician. Unless I didn’t get that right…?

  5. Valeria says:

    It’s maybe 1 month old…I’m pretty sure she means Barrie ;)

  6. Doodles says:

    She does mean him, but she’s contradicted herself countless times about the boys stuff.
    In the past few months she’s said all of the following (not verbatim quotes, but the jist of it!):

    – Born to Die is about one past relationship.
    – The record is about two relationships that I couldn’t keep hold of.
    – When asked if she’s in touch with said ex, she’s said ‘I’m in contact with his mother’ and ‘he’s not around any more’. Then she’s claimed she’s been ‘living on his couch’… ?!
    – When asked if her current boyfriend is in music, she answered ‘Um, I guess, no.’ And now she’s saying he is in music but not a musician. WTF!

    Lol. She’s been completely inconsistent with her comments. I dunno why she’d feel the need to make stuff up about this, because there’s no way that all of the above can be true. Ah well, whatevs. I still can’t view the video =[.

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