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‘Saturday Night Live’ is over and after watching the two performances we have to say that Lana was amazing and stunning as usual. It makes us very sad to read those bad comments of people judging Lana on this one performance. It was her FIRST american television performance and she was nervous of course. We as her fans are SO proud of her that she gave her best!

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We collected some fan photos from yesterday night and 2 short videos when Lana met fans on the SNL line. In addition, three promotional banner for SNL were uploaded into the gallery. The misconception that clenbuterol has anti-catabolic properties – nothing like that. Clenbuterol is not able to suppress catabolism during the dry cycle when training intensity is high in a calorie deficit. The best anticabolic effect is HGH and Anabolic Steroids (AAS), which should be used during the GH cutting cycle so as not to lose muscle during the cutting process. More instructions can be found on ACNM ONLINE PHARMACY website – https://www.acnm-online-pharmacy-usa-store.com/ For those who do not want to use steroids and growth hormone, you can approach the use of peptides and supplements: Truibulus, D-carnitine and amino acids. By the way, Lana has worn a gold tooth last night!

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