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Billboard.com interviewed Lana Del Rey and she revealed the name of her upcoming album to be “Honeymoon.” Lana has nine songs written and a cover ready, but is looking for “a few more songs to tie everything together.”

Here is a snippet from the interview:

The song “Big Eyes” plays over the end credits, summarizing the story viewers have just watched. Was there a line you started with, a particular idea you wanted to first convey?

I guess I had a couple of couplets that came and I guess the verse: “I saw you creeping around the garden/ Where are you hiding?” Melodically, it was something that came quickly to me and I liked the idea of trumpets coming in for the chorus making it a little bit weird and jazzy. I always like to mix in something I like — the garden and the trees even though she wasn’t always painting outside. “Big Eyes” was meant to sum up her tale with a bit of my own personal imagery.

You have a song in the middle of the film as well, “I Can Fly,” that fits more in the texture of Danny Elfman’s score. Which song did you do first?

I think they felt “Big Eyes” was a little bit somber and they were excited about wanting [a song] to share this story about how Margaret [Keane] comes out of this darkness, a redemption theme. I said, “I have a song called ‘I Can Fly,’ but I’d like to rework the lyrics and talk more about what she was doing [in the film].” Dan [Heath] found it was easy to instrumentally adapt to Danny’s sound.

You can read the full interview here.

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