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In the last few days, many Year-End lists were announced, we did a little collection of them:

Slant Magazine: The 25 Best Singles of 2012
Ranked: 10th
Song: National Anthem

Lana Del Rey, “National Anthem.” The fifth single from Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die doubles, much like the album, as a critique and a glorification of materialism and artifice, name-dropping “upper echelon” status symbols like the Hamptons, $2 million sports cars, and Page Six to paint a portrait of a girl looking for love in all the well-fixed places. Del Rey boasts of “blurring the lines between real and the fake” in the lyrics, and though she’s taken on various guises during her short run in the spotlight (“gangster Nancy Sinatra,” Ione Skye from Say Anything…, and, in the video for “National Anthem,” a 21st-century Jackie O), what makes the song feel authentic is the singer’s simple, robotic performance. She doesn’t try to affect a deeper, more “serious” tone the way she has on other songs, content to sing in her more natural higher register. “National Anthem” suggests what it might sound like if trip-hop had conquered hip-hop and Britney Spears actually had something to say. Cinquemani

Spin Magazine: 20 Best Pop Albums
Ranked: 10th
Album: Born To Die – Paradise Edition
Even after the memes, the webstalking, the not-actually-that-bad SNL performance, the .gifs, and the backlash to the .gifs, at the end of the day it didn’t take away from the dreamy, gloomy resonance of Lana Del Rey’s Virgin Suicides-style celluloid singles. Lizzie got the last word, anyway, by dropping Born to Die twice this year, the second time with nine more tracks that expanded her gloriously anomic worldview, torch songs for American ciphers: “Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn is my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend,” she sang on “Body Electric.” Melodramatic, yeah, but when isn’t a string section going for Grammys? And with her Lynchian “Blue Velvet” cover, her tragic, hyper-romantic songs gained a sneering irony that snarky dirt-diggers missed the first time around. J.E.S.

PopJustice.com: The Top 45 Singles of 2012
Ranked: 4th
Song: Ride

Not just one of the singles of the year but the soundtrack to one of 2012′s best videos ‘to boot’, ‘Ride’ is everything we love (and others might hate, but they can piss off) about Lana Del Rey in one exquisite miniature masterpiece. The only bad news is that because ‘Ride’ ticks every single Lana Del Rey box, she’ll need to change her act when she comes back for the next album, or risk descending into self-parody. But what use is a popstar who can’t or won’t change, right viewers?

AceShowBiz.com: The 10 Hottest New Music Acts of 2012
Ranked: –

Lana Del Rey is another risk taker in the music world. When most artists are racing to make big fat beat with bubbly and sometimes repetitive lyrics, she goes the unconventional way by crafting ballad jams with dark, brooding lyrics deep with emotion. Her well-composed music successfully singled her out in the sea of aspiring singers. She quickly gained attention on the web as her single “Video Games” became a viral hit followed by “Blue Jeans” and “Born to Die”. From the web, she extended her invasion to the small screen by landing a gig on “Saturday Night Live”.

A controversy soon arose with many criticizing her skills in performing her songs live, but it didn’t stop her star from shining. Amidst the harsh words, she beat the odd by debuting at No. 2 on Billboard Hot 200. She became the first female artist, since Jackie Evancho, to have the highest entry on the U.S. album chart through a full-length major label debut. She might not be “a natural performer,” but she’s not a quitter when it comes to reaching her goal. By the end of the year, she collected some coveted prizes including an MTV Europe Music Award.

Billboard.com: Best & Worst Dressed of 2012:
Ranked: As Best Dressed

The latest celebrity face of H&M, Lana Del Rey effortlessly infuses a glamour and retro charm into her wardrobe, matching her hauntingly composed attitude. At the 2012 Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala in May, friend and fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra helped Del Rey stand out as a style superstar in a custom caped, vampire-esque gown.

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