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Lana Del Rey was interviewed by Craig McLean of The Face, alongside her father Rob Grant and sister Chuck Grant, for Rob’s upcoming debut album, ‘Lost at Sea,’ out June 9. The interview discusses Rob’s new album, being a nepo daddy, when Lana and Chuck were kids, and more.

“Rob Grant: daddy cool. He’s a 69-year-old retired businessman and debut recording artist who’s made the chillest album of the year. And all with a little help from his daughter Lana. Do put your father on the stage, Ms Del Rey…”

“I know I’m not Joni Mitchell, but I’ve got a dad who plays like Billy Joel” – Hollywood Bowl from Lost At Sea, 2023.
how confusing is all this, your dad embarking on a music career at his age and stage of life?

Lana: ​“Not confusing at all. I would expect nothing less. I don’t think anything could surprise me now, just in general in life. If a pig flew by, I’d be like: check that out! I think our first thought was: great.”

And not concerning?

Chuck: ​“No, it’s not concerning. It’s a glitch in the Matrix just because it’s usually me shooting my sister. Or just me taking the photos. And I haven’t seen my dad wear a sweatshirt ever in my entire life.”

Lana: ​“Or a suit.”

Chuck: ​“Or a suit. So it’s just like: damn, we’re doing this now. But I feel like he’s very [comfortable]. It makes sense to me.”

Rob, how do you feel about being music’s first proper Nepo Daddy?

Rob: ​“Well! I went out and registered the domain nepo​dad​dy​.com. And we’re going to come out with a whole line of merch that’s Nepo Daddy-branded. I can show it to you. It’s really cool stuff.”

So where other artists trying to make their own way might be like, ​“having famous relatives has nothing to do with my career, I’m not that, that’s a bad look”, you’re saying, ​“fuck it, let’s have some fun with it – and make some money while we’re at it”?

Rob: ​“Oh, totally. No, I’m all for Nepo Daddy. And I also registered nepomommy. com. You know, I’ll listen to what the kids are saying… in the comments on Instagram or Twitter. I just crack up. Another one is ​‘Robert Fucking Grant!’, after Norman Fucking Rockwell! [Del Rey’s 2019 album]. So I went and registered that name, too.”

Click here to read the full interview at theface.com

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