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Music Times have complied a list of social media’s biggest stars.

Many performers have gained record deals by sharing their music online first, from YouTube and MySpace to Shawn Mendes who has become the first performed to use Vine to find his fortune!

Music Times included Lana Del Rey in their top five.

01) Justin Bieber (YouTube)
02) Lana Del Rey (YouTube)
03) Soulja Boy (YouTube)
04) Colbie Caillatt (MySpace)
05) Unlocking The Truth (YouTube)

It seems that Lana exploded onto the music scene out of nowhere. She appeared to be instantly big, but she’s actually spent her life working with music. Here’s what Ryan Book at Music Time had to say about Lana’s YouTube success with “Video Games“:

More often than not, performers use social media to get past the hard part: sending dozens of tapes around to labels and trying to drum up interest. Sometimes YouTube can be used to accelerate your career after being “discovered” as well. Lana Del Rey had done the hard part, and even released an album as early as early as 2010. Lana Del Rey (a 5 Points release) didn’t spawn any singles however, so the vocalist began shopping her work around on YouTube, trying to draw fans (not necessarily a new label). Her track “Video Games” grabbed national attention however and she blew up the blog world. The performer got signed to Interscope and Born To Die went to no. 2 on the Billboard 200. Her sudden rise to prominence was overwhelming, and there was initial concern that she couldn’t overcome her anxiety and take to the big stages—and indeed, the question of whether a YouTube user could get over the hump, from performing in their bedroom to performing in a packed concert hall, had been asked previously. Fortunately she got over that hump in a big way and will be a secondary headliner at Governors Ball this summer.

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