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Lana Del Rey in interview for 20 Minuten talks about breaking up with Barrie and more (June 23)

While being in Paris, Lana Del Rey gave an interview with Swiss source, 20 Minuten, where she talked about breaking up with Barrie James O’Neill, her performance at Kim Kardashian’s wedding and much more. Read the original interview here.

Lana, you recently performed at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. How was it?
Good! I’ve only played three songs, including «Young & Beautiful». This is their song.

How were they?
Very relaxed. Even their invitation was relaxed. Kanye just said: «Just come and sing».

Would you like to get married?
I’d love to. And I would like to have children. Hopefully it will happen one day.

At the beginning of the year there were rumours that you and your boyfriend were engaged?
We are currently not together.

What do you mean by currently?
He is a wonderful man. But there are certain things he has to overcome with. I will not give details. It was hard for our relationship. I was no longer feeling free. Let’s see how things go on from here.

You’ve just released your new album «Ultraviolence» – which is a great success. What do you expect more of this year?
Not much right now. The album is finished, it took a long time and demanded a lot from me. I have done what I wanted to do. After the last festival the whole thing is finished for me. What will come after? Completely open.

Is the song «Fucked Up My Way to The Top» ironic to understand?
I will say: It is a mixture. First, there is some bitterness toward what people think about me. Second, the lyrics are about different experiences that have influenced my life.

Your songs and your music are heavy and gloomy. When was the last time you felt really happy?
When I held my new album in my hands. Even if it sounds a little cliché. It seemed a manifestation of all the excitement and beauty of the past few years. Otherwise, I am happy when I drive down the Pacific Highway listening to The Eagles loudly.

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