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Back in March 2017, Lana Del Rey was photographed by Molly Matalon for the cover of French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. The issue will finally be out from July 5 to 11.

You can read the interview on their website here. However, it is in French and so we have created a rough English translation below.

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You have not released anything since Honeymoon in 2015? How do you know or or do you feel you’re ready for a new album?
My problem isn’t starting, it’s stopping. Even when you’re supposed to have finished the album, I keep on going, I always want to add a song, then another. If there was no mixing to grab me at the end of the album, I would continue to write. For example, two songs from the new album were composed while we were finalising the previous one.

I can’t help but work. I love being in the studio. I feel at home. I’ve been using the same location in Los Angeles for five years, working with the same small team, including producer Rick Nowels. We spend our lives here.

Do you ever feel stressed about starting blank?
It was a fear that overwhelmed me before I started recording real records. It was very present at that time before I was successful, when I recorded for simple pleasure, when I wrote alone in my house. I was convinced that the inspiration was going to let go and it happened regularly. I was unable to compose for six months sometimes.

But for ten years, I find inspiration easily – or it finds it. I learned to stimulate it. Notably by refusing loneliness, going out with friends, observing what happens, without stress. I use my phone without stopping in dictaphone mode, and I record notes of melodies, phrases… it’s a little scary, I must have seven hundred drafts of songs on my phone.

I know from experience that if I hear a melody in my head, I have to run to my phone to record it, even in the middle of the night. A good melody never knocks twice at your door. If you don’t welcome it, it will go and ring at another door. For example, during Honeymoon, I reguarly heard a melody in my head, which tortured me and I couldn’t catch it. It sounded like Resnaissance music… I had to hum this melody for months to tame it. It become Terrance Loves You. [She sings along]

As a teenager, you had a reputation of a daredevil? How is it expressed today?
My challenges are no longer physical, I take risks elsewhere. At the age of 18, I drove like a crazy person, I went for days and nights without sleeping, I just kept thinking about my comfy memory foam mattress. I was more free, more spontaneous and I cared little about the consequences. I have more responsibilities today, towards my relatives, my partners… I am obliged to set an example, to arrive on time, on the right day. In the past, I had enough work with myself, just to keep me alive, before I could find the time to take care of others. Where I take risks in 2017, it is at the level of melodies, of my musical choices. But I’m a bit of a daredevil to nerd [laughs]…

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