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Lana Del Rey appears on new Barrie O’Neill Song

Lana Del Rey‘s ex fiance Barrie-James O’Neill posted a preview of his new song, “Riverside,” on Instagram which features Lana.

Barrie shared some lyrics for the song on his Facebook page in August.

I seen you walk along the riverside
I seen you walk along at ease
And in the air I feel a silence
It whispers perfect on the breeze
And there’s a voice that keeps me company
It takes me closer to the stream
And in the break of any suffering
It makes me feel like there’s no pain

Finally, finally, finally I’m getting closer
To the dream
To my dream i believe

I’m up a creek and you’re my paddle
Where there is you there is my soul
Another dream where I’m the witness
I am the witness to your goal

Finally, finally, finally I’m getting closer
To the dream.
To my dream I believe.

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