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Lana Del Rey answered yesterday (24) questions sent to the twitter of british Elle Magazine. You can read them below:

@wllflwers: How does it feel to have an @Mulberry_Editor bag named after you?
It’s wonderful to to be involved with a brand with so much class and integrity

@ellieeckart: What is your favourite Mulberry Del Rey?
My favourite is the Ink blue sparkle croc print.

@KatyBoobies: Who is your favourite fashion icon?
I love Lauren Bacall. I’m also inspired by Natasja Kinski and Natalie Wood.

@MayvoyOfficial: Who are the top 5 most important people in your life? (no need to have an order)
My dear friends, Wendy and Jane, my boyfriend, Barry, and my managers Ben and Ed.

@InesDelRey: Do you have any weird pre-show rituals?
Me and the band always say a prayer before we go onstage. Other than that anything goes.

@Darvill: What is your favourite old movie?
The Big Sleep is my favourite.

@MayvoyOfficial: What do you think is more important – lyrics or melody?
The most important thing to me is the tone and quality of someones voice. Writing is my passion, but melodies are the thing you notice first.

@jeligottlieb: Where do you feel most at home?
I feel at home wherever I lay my head, I’m in a different place every day, but I love being with my boyfriend.

@JazmineMatthers: There’s a rumour that you’re retiring. Please say this isn’t true!
I’m working on writing soundtracks for some beautiful movies and that’s what I always wanted to do so I’m sure it will all work out!

@MsVale14: Will you be present at the 2012 EMAs?
I don’t know yet xx

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3 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey answers her fans questions for Elle UK”

  1. Carina says:

    My dearest Lana,
    Your voice mends my heart and soul when I’m hurting. Your label has allowed me to love myself in the act of loving you and I do love you. I would give my life to meet you and tell you I love your unreleased music the best and your an angel. Lots of love..

    Carina Canney

  2. ghazal says:

    What should we call ourselfs??? I mean your fans doesnt have any nickname…
    I want to call my self something…
    Like belieber or little monsters

  3. Olivia says:

    Dear Lana,
    I know you won’t ever see this but I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Your music makes me so happy and the lyrics mean the absolute world to me. When I went to your concert at Klipsch Music Center I had the best time and it was the greatest day of my life. I’m saving my money so next time I see you I can get into the Pitt so I can meet you. You are my inspiration and I can’t explain how much I want to just meet you and hug you and talk to you. You are the most amazing down to earth person and I can’t explain how beautiful you are. My friends who went to the concert with me weren’t huge fans like I am but when they left they were obsessed. They said you were an angel! I totally agree! Your voice is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! I love you so so much Lana and I can’t explain how much you mean to me. Thank you for everything!

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