Lana Del Rey performed at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on February 10 with Kali Uchis as her opening act. Lana didn’t change up the setlist too much during this show, but she did bring back “Serial Killer”.

Mandy made a scrapbook of Lana’s shows to give to Lana. During the show, Lana tried to get the scrapbook which she noticed in the crowd, but the security guards were trying to prevent Lana from getting it. Lana wasn’t happy and told them to let her get it, saying “I get my books!” Someone caught the incident on video.

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Experiment in Terror (intro, Henry Mancini song)
13 Beaches
Pretty When You Cry
Cherry (into two verses of Scarborough Fair)
Yayo (acoustic)
Born to Die
Blue Jeans
White Mustang

Happy Birthday, Mr. President (music video interlude)
National Anthem
God Bless America… (acoustic, snippet)
When the World Was At War… (snippet)
Lust For Life

Medley: Change, Black Beauty, Young and Beautiful
Ride (with music video interlude)

Video Games
Burnt Norton (instrumental interlude)
Summertime Sadness
Serial Killer
Off to the Races

Tours > LA TO THE MOON 2017-2018 > Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, USA (February 10)
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We interviewed Mandy about the scrapbook and what really happened with the security, and Mandy was kind enough to share her experience.

How did you become a fan of Lana Del Rey? Do you remember the first song you heard of hers?
Mandy: The first song I ever heard by Lana was ‘Summertime Sadness’ when I was really young. I actually became a fan through Stan Twitter; a lot of my mutuals stanned her so I checked her out and immediately fell in love.

What is your favourite album by Lana Del Rey?
Mandy: My favourite album is ‘Born to Die’ just because I have so many memories listening to that album. It reminds me of some of the happiest times of my life.

How many times have you seen Lana live?
Mandy: DC and Houston (of the LA to the Moon Tour) were actually my first two times seeing Lana ever, and both experiences were more amazing than I ever could’ve imaged. I don’t think I had ever been so happy!

What inspired you to create the scrapbook for Lana? Did it take you long to put together?
Mandy: I actually just randomly thought of the idea for the scrapbook! I really wanted Lana to have a way to look back on the tour in the future, and remember all the happy times she had. I knew it would mean a lot to her. Also, it took me about 9-10 hours to put it together, but it was so worth it!

What happened with the security when you tried to give Lana the scrapbook? What did Lana say?
Basically when Lana saw the scrapbook she came down to take it, but security didn’t want the crowd handing her gifts so she went OFF and was like, “What’s the problem? I want the fucking book!” It was amazing!

What has been the aftermath of this entire experience? How do you feel?
Mandy: The aftermath of this experience was INCREDIBLE! I could not believe she followed me and posted the book and everything. It means so much to me. I love her so much, I don’t think I’ll ever recover!


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