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In the morning (Nov 17), Lana Del Rey gave an interview to the german radio show “1Live” with Tobi and Andreas. Unfortunately they were asking her in german that’s why I translated you the most importants parts of the interview. Please credit us if you use them. I’m sorry if they are any english mistakes I did my best and it took really long!

1Live: Can you relate to the appellation “diva”? (she starts laughing like a diva)
Lana: I’m not laughing like a diva. I don’t think I call myself a diva, maybe an icon.
1Live: Women get angry if you don’t notice their new hair cut…so..have you been at a hairstylist lately? I saw you with a fringe this week and on your Paradise cover you have lighter hair.
Lana: I know, I change my hair a lot. The fringe I was wearing wasn’t a real fringe. But yeah I was at a hairstylist. I got my hair done for the radio, cause I knew you’ll be here.
1Live: You brought us the Born To Die: Paradise edition with 8 new songs. Why didn’t you put some more songs on the album and released it as a new one? Because you would rather buy a new car instead of an old one with new rims.
Lana: Are you calling my record an used car? That’s so unfair. Well, I think it’s a new record and I wished I had released it as a new one just for people to be excited about it. But it’s an updated edition and I want to make a short film in addition to the record and show it on my tour.
1Live: The song Summertime Sadness was a big success here and now we have an autumn sadness outside. Are you always sad?
Lana: No..I’m happy.
1Live: I’m quoting a verse of a new song now: “My pussy tastes like pepsi-cola”, we both turned very red and we are shocked because why the hell are you so sure it’s pepsi-cola and not coca-cola?
Lana: Pepsi-cola just a had a good sound. It came off the tongue nicely. You can try it.
1Live: Decribe your year 2012 in one word.
Lana: Different.
1Live: I thought Americans are like “amazing”. I have to admit she is the bestest guest we ever had.
Lana: Ahh, take it, thank you.
1Live: You had a fantastic year, Born To Die was at the top in eleven countries but in the US it had only the second position. Are you angry about that or aren’t you a perfectionist?
Lana: No, I’m absolutely not a perfectionist and I’m not really interested what’s going on in America, I’m so interested in Europe. It’s a big honour to me. Because in America they don’t play songs in the radio that aren’t in the Top 40 at least. I have nothing to do with this attitude and american music.
1Live: You are often in London the last time. It sounds like you aren’t really happy with the american music label.
Lana: No, I love the idea what America used to be. I love how California looks like and the energy of NYC but do I really want to sing there? I don’t know. “Go away to somewhere warm and where you’re loved.” I feel comfortable here, in Paris and when I sing for people in Russia.
1Live: People complain about your H&M posters because you look bored in their opinion. Didn’t you like the clothes? There’s a competition on the internet where people try to look as bored as you.
Lana: I think they meant cool not bored.
1Live: We never had such a charming lady here. (….)
Lana: It’s really good to be here, I have fun. Thank you guys.

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