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Lana Del Rey gave an interview to the spanish magazine S Moda. Lana explained that she can do what she wants and  that «There is no one more authentic than me !» Read the interview [for spanish fans] here.

Edit: Here are the interview questions in english. Credit to the translator, we found the text on this Tumblr account. Lana also started writing a second album!

Do you enjoy fashion?
Mine is not so much a relationship with fashion as a relation to visual culture. In this photoshoot I thought heels were outside the jewelry that is just me (hm?) and the blue sky behind. Those are the things that inspire me, photographers and film. In my letters and my sound has attracted me more image than music.

Where do you live now?
Well look, I thought I would never leave New York, but now every time I return to the U.S., I see that I prefer California. I have a villa in the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles and now a friend will help me to get home in Hollywood.

And how is the swing?
Some days are better than others. Before all this, I was very happy. I was very involved in my community, I had people around, I could see my family often … In the evening I wrote songs and had fun. And now … There are all those people out there! [He says, referring to photographers, makeup artists, stylists, assistants and staff involved in recording the session]. I do not enjoy much of some things as before.

Then, when you wrote those songs at night, they’re not intended to reach a large audience?
No, I’m not that kind of person. I was happy writing the lyrics and did not want more. Get More Information if you just have enough money to pay rent and taxes, but I was around the edge, about to get nation 21 loans help. I had great ambitions. You can discover this new online loan application. Please Check out our Short Term Loan Solutions.

Do you have time to see real-life friends?
I have a small group of friends that have nothing to do with music. My friends are good girls, with their feet on earth. One works in real estate, one at Bloomingdale’s, another is head of marketing … Miss them.

All letters are written in first person. Do you think this contributes to the confusion or curiosity about you?
They are all real. I am the star of all my letters. I do not think they are so controversial. Tell me how things went for me. I left home at 14 to go to boarding school because I had gotten into trouble. Then I came to view  New York … Look, Video Games is just one day in my life. People say that it’s an anti-feminist song and I think, why? I studied and I kept to myself. At day’s end I just wanted to stay home with my boyfriend and play video games.

Do you mind being called anti-feminist?
It is one of the things that bother me. And perhaps there is indeed some truth to it. I am a tough girl and I like a man who is strong in every way. May incite men to show that I’m powerful. I do many things, work hard and control everything. So in the end, what I want is to have someone to help me feel delicate and sexy again.

Do you read everything published about you? Because that’s almost a full time job.
At first yes, because no one had written about me and affected me. I had spent the previous 10 years trying to be a good person. I stopped drinking, had a good relationship with my family … When they started mixing my family in all this, I was outraged. I’ve learned that everything he says the press can be a lie.
When you were accused of being a manufactured product..
That’s bad journalism and bad behavior. It should be illegal. All they had to do these journalists was talking to some of my acquaintances. Anyone would say that everything I did, I did it alone. I wrote the songs, I edited the videos. And about my name, I started my real name, but on stage I always acted with a different one. Everyone does it.

Why do you think that was generated around you that debate about what is authentic and what is not?
I do not know, there’s nothing more authentic than me. It is understandable to question someone who says that he writes his songs but he doesn’t, or someone who says his past was a certain way and lies. But not me.

Do you enjoy when you’re on stage?
Now I begin to enjoy. When I’m in Paris or Italy, I have fun. When I’m in Hollywood, too, because the Los Angeles press understands me, knows I’m not trying to sell a message. Sing. But there are other places that criticism does not understand me. People with normal eyes looks at you and find someone like them and not me. I do what I want.

You always felt different?
Yes, always. So I wanted to study philosophy. I was overwhelmed by the world and I hallucinated things of concern to other people: what do we do now, where do we go on vacation?, Do you like my shoes? I, however, was always looking for a guide, a sign, a higher power.

Hard to find your hometown, Lake Placid. It is very small, just 2,000. No great city. I imagine it kind of like Twin Peaks.
Yes, exactly like Twin Peaks. I was hoping to get out and get to New York because that felt like heaven. I like going to the corner store and tell you that a man [in Spanish], “Hello beautiful, how are you? ‘.

What happened on Saturday Night Live? How did the criticism happen on your performance?

I expected it. What people do not realize is that before performing, websites already criticized everything I did. When I got to that stage, I knew exactly what they would say about me.

To be the classic breakup album, your first album, Born to Die, no spite. The intuition is rather wistful
At that time, talk of love made me feel alive again. I based it on that person to give structure, but actually talk about more things: driving at night for California, the sadness that sometimes gives the summer …

Is it true you wrote the simple Video Games in 10 minutes?
No, no, I came in waves. I had been writing songs for five days with one of my best friends, Justin Parker, who writes the chords. And when he had just said, “I have a progression that reminds me of you.” I loved the beginning and the chorus. It is how I imagine a paradise sounds like.

If you write your second album, are you going to talk about what fame has brought you?
No, I will take up where I left everything. I’m starting to write new tunes. I have a new song that I love. [Sings a few lines: “In the land of the gods and the angels, I was a monster.”] When I thought, ‘God, it reminds me of Leonard Cohen! “.

Cohen is one of your favorite artists?
I like to imagine Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan together. It makes me happy. On my list of favorites also are Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Lil’Wayne, Eminem and Odd Future. No female… No, but I’m not against it.

What do you think about the mainstream divas, Beyoncé, Rihanna …?
Never commented that subject. It’s hard for me, everything I say is taken out of context. Too bad you asked me! The interview had gone so well so far …

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