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Lana Del Rey was interviewed by HongKongTattler.com, Lana talks about her biggest fear, family and more. You are able to read it below:

My favourite thing about having a Mulberry bag named after me is –
The fact that it’s named after me! It’s so great to work with the people specifically involved with Mulberry and particularly at this time now. Everyone is really down-to-earth and so imaginative.

My signature style is:
Simple and easy. I love one-pieces, particularly shift dresses. I like to be comfortable too so I am also happy in an old white t-shirt and soft blue jeans. I love loafers and beautiful flats like those from Ferragamo. And to accessorise I love jewellery, particularly gold.

I can’t live without my:
Writing… I love to write. I love to drive fast. My family are wonderful and couldn’t live without them, my brother and sister live with me and they are always on my mind.

Three things that are always in my bag:
Passport! I travel so much. My phone and my lipstick.

The books that most inspires me are:
I love Lolita by Nabokov. I love extracts from Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It just changed everything for me.

The person I most admire is:
My closest friend Wendy McGee. She was the person I would ask if it’s ok to be a singer, if it’s ok that I love music this much. She was the one that would inspire me to go further.

A musician that changed music is:
Bob Dylan. He was someone who just did what no one had ever done by telling his life stories through song. He had this feeling of freedom to write whatever he wanted without conscience. He sent out a strong message to a generation without meaning to. His tone and quality of voice was just unlike anyone else. He was full of passion. His personal drive changed the face of music even though it was not his intention to. He was just one cool cat.

My biggest luxury is:
Cars! I drive a black Jaguar.

Food that make me happy is:
Spaghetti. I eat it everyday – just plain with tomato sauce.

Something on my wish list is:
A beautiful French cappuccino machine

My dream destination is:
I have to say that Singapore is beautiful. It really reminds me of Monaco. I really love Monaco. I also don’t spend that much time in Los Angeles but when I am there it is kind of like my dream destination as I am hardly ever there! I love Paris and London too. I love the city. I am a city girl!

My biggest fear is:
Spiders! I am so terrified of them. I rented a home in LA and before accepting the house I asked the owner, “Is this a spidery house?” She said no and guess what, when I moved in, there were tonnes of spiders! I also fear the unknown after death, which is probably the number one fear for most people.

Finally a typical day in the life of Lana Del Rey:
It can either go one of two ways: If I am at home, my brother and sister are usually there with me. I wake up, work, write and normally every day I will see my friend Jaime King who lives down the hill from me. Then I’ll go about my day and around 8pm both our families will meet up for dinner – Jaime and her husband Kyle are just such wonderful people. Three years ago I was living away from America, I met my boyfriend a year and a half ago and instead of spending my days off in London where I was living I would go to Glasgow and hang out with his band. There is also much travelling to faraway places.

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