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We have found a report by a girl on Tumblr who met Lana Del Rey a few weeks ago and we decided to share it with you all. Enjoy!

This is always going to be my favorite memory. We were sitting down, she had just finished signing my chucks haha. I looked up at her and damn, she was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe she was actually standing right there, in front of me. Without even thinking, I blurted out “Can I just like, hug you again?” and her response was “YES! Of course!” and she pulled me into her arms and I swear, in that moment nothing else mattered. It felt like we were hugging for hours. She began whispering things into my ear, but i was on the verge of tears and all I could say was “I just love you so fucking much.” and she said “Awww, i love you too sweetheart. You have no idea.” Then we finally pulled away and a few minutes later I found out Daina had taken a picture and my heart almost sunk out of my ass. I will never forget this moment.

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