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We found a post on Tumblr from a fan who had the pleasure of meeting Lana on January 4th. You can read an excerpt of the text, see some photos & a video below. Click on “Read the rest of….” to read the whole text. Thanks at PictureMonster for this review.

As some of you may know I go out and meet celebrities with my friends when I can, I managed to meet Lana Del Rey on Wednesday night and she was happy to give my blog a shout out.

The adventure started when my friends told me that she was going to be at London Studios recording for Jonathan Ross. We headed down there but failed to meet her arriving, so we decided to try and get tickets to watch the show live. The doors were about to open in the next hour and we just about managed to get wristbands, which allowed us entry.

To be fair this was the most boring recording I’ve ever sat through. The guests were three Olympic athlete hopefuls, John Bishop and Professor Brian Cox with Lana Del Rey performing. We were just chilling and then Lana Del Rey came on the interview side of the stage! Jonathan asked her a few questions one of them being “your hair is really thick, is it real?” She handled this without awkwardness and said “most of it is…” [….]

Miscellaneous > Fan meets Lana outside a tv studio in London (Jan 04)

[….] During a break one of the audience warm up people came out and was talking some about some random laser hair removal thing. It was irrelevant and no one was listening. So we were just staring at Lana who was patiently waiting for stage to be ready and then she looked in our direction! Me & my friends waved and shouted for her and then the audience warm up person shouted into his mic “who are you waving at?!” We shouted back “LANA!!!!!” & then she looked again and started waving at us! & She kept looking back every minute roughly and she waved at us while she was on stage just before she performed Video Games the first time. The massive disco ball started spinning and she sang Video Games twice because the sound people didn’t catch the sound right the first time.

After this performance we tried to leave the studio as soon as possible because we wanted to meet Lana on her way out of London Studios. Jonathan was filming pick-ups and we just decided to get up and try and walk out but the security was stopping us from leaving but then they decided to escort us out.

We went to the back of the exit and we saw Lana through the window in her stage performance outfit and then spotted her again on the second floor. We figured she’d be changing into something more comfortable as the weather was really bad. About 10 minutes later we saw her band leaving the building getting into their SUV and then we saw Lana in her bright red Ferrari jacket- that she’s famous for wearing. We shouted for her attention and she came straight to us! I showed her my Q magazine (that she was on the cover of) and she screamed- it was the first time she had seen it.

There was a massive black gate in-between the fans and Lana, and when my friend Tessa asked for a picture she replied “Yeah hunny I think I’m gonna come around the front”, so we ran to the other side of the building and her car drove to the front- we were so excited! Her car pulled up and she jumped out the car and ran to us! She was so down to earth and bubbly, and she spent like 20 minutes with us! We all got pictures with her, she gave my blog a shout out and then something amazing happened! She told us things that no one knows- which I’m not going to publish or tell anyone about because she clearly trusted us. She then thought I was recording her saying these things because I was holding my iPhone pointing at her. She asked if I was recording this conversation and I quickly snapped back “noooooooo” and she grabbed my face with both of her hands and kissed me and then giggled and that is how I died.

Then I came back to earth with her still hanging out with us and she was like I need to take down all of your twitters, I’ll follow you all! So we ripped out a page from my Q magazine and one of my friends wrote down all of our Twitter usernames and then the guy she was with told Lana that she had to go because she has a plane to catch so she said bye to us all and hugged us once again and jumped back into her car and waved at us as she was driving away. Later that night she followed us on twitter, which made the night even more surreal. [….]

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2 thoughts on “Fan review of meeting Lana”

  1. angel says:

    She gave my friend that red Ferrari jacket and signed it! I saw it yesterday, they’re good friends.

  2. Marisol says:

    Lana I love your much I listen to cherry blossoms like everyday all day I love you so much you inspire me you drive me into like another world like out of this world like you make me feel so beautiful and I love you and I would love to meet you

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