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LanaDelReyFan.com in partnership with Elle UK unveils exclusive quotes by Lana Del Rey that haven’t gone online yet plus a behind the scenes polaroid image. Enjoy everything below!

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On Friendship

“I’m growing my roots and meeting a lot of other friends, so I feel 
a little more settled… I have a friend called Ron who likes to swim with 
me. So every now and then, we find an 
empty beach, jump in and swim the length of the coast, from one side of the cove to the other.”

On Love

“I guess I have a little bit of a fantasy that really great relationships, friendships and romances can stand the test of time. Even though each person in the relationship or the group changes, they don’t change in ways that would make the relationship come to an end. The chorus [of Yosemite] is about doing things for fun, for free and doing them for the right reasons.”

“It’s about having artistic integrity; not doing things because you think they would be big, but because the message is something that’s important. And then, it’s about just being with someone because you really can’t see not having them in your life, not because it would be “beneficial” to you to be in their company. It’s that concept of just being in a relationship for 100% the right reasons. Being a good person, basically.”

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