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Courtney Love reveals how she joined Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer tour

Courtney Love joined Lana Del Rey on the first half of her Endless Summer Tour as a support act. But have you ever wondered how this happened? Courtney revealed the answer in an interview with Citizens of Humanity.

So you’re doing a tour with Lana Del Rey, right?
CL: I’m doing a tour with Lana Del Rey. She’s young enough to be my daughter—it’s kind of weird.

Did you choose that? Did you choose Lana Del Rey?
CL: It just happened. I was like, “Lana, come to London to the British Fashion Awards with me,” and she was like, “OK. If I do that, then you have to do a little bit of my tour,” and I was like, “OK, I’ll do a little bit of your tour,” and that led to me writing two songs and I’m dropping a single. One’s called “Died Blonde” and the other one’s called “Miss Narcissist,” and “Miss Narcissist” is like the catchiest song of my career so far.

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