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Watch the music video for ‘High By the Beach’ by Lana Del Rey

The first music video from Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Honeymoon’ was released today. Watch the “High By the Beach” single below which displays a beautifully shot simple story involving Lana getting revenge for the invasion of her privacy.

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Lana Del Rey unveils ‘Honeymoon’ music video

Today, July 14th, Lana Del Rey‘s highly anticipated title track from her upcoming record “Honeymoon” was finally released onto YouTube.

The song clocks in at almost 6 minutes long and carries the sad, cinematic and beautiful tones that Lana always enchants us with. Noisey said of the ballad that Lana’s voice “takes on new qualities almost reminiscint of folksier artists like Joanna Newsome“.

The video (which you can see below) opens with some footage of Lana lying on the ground, barefoot, overlooking a busy road. This only lasts for about 30 seconds before we jump to album artwork of the lyrics for the song. Perhaps the beginning was a sneak peek of the future video.


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We both know that it’s not fashionable for you to love me
But you don’t go ‘cause truly there’s nobody for you but me
We could cruise to the blues – Wilshire Boulevard if we choose.
Or whatever you want to do, we make the rules.

We both know the history of violence that surrounds you
But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you
We could cruise to the news – Pico Poulevard in your used
Little bullet car if we choose, Mr. Born to Lose

Our honeymoon
Our honeymoon
Our honeymoon
Say you want me too
Say you want me too
Dark blue.
Dark blue.

There are violets in your eyes
There are guns that blaze around you
There are roses in between my thighs
And a fire that surrounds you
It’s no wonder every man in town
Had neither fought nor found you
Everything you do is elusive
Even to your honey dew

Our honeymoon
Our honeymoon
Our honeymoon

Dreaming away your life
Dreaming away your life
Dreaming away your life

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Lana Del Rey talks about 8 tracks from Ultraviolence

A while back, Lana Del Rey did an audio documentary for eight of the songs on her last album ‘Ultraviolence.’ It was not publicised very much so we have put together the video below so you can have a listen.

Available on Youtube here

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Lana Del Rey shares a teaser of upcoming song “Honeymoon”

Since the moment Lana Del Rey revealed her next album would be titled “Honeymoon“, fans everywhere have been eagerly anticipating an upcoming single.

First, the lyrics to the title track “Honeymoon” were released in a booklet on Endless Summer Tour’s merchandising. Second, Lana filmed a new music video for a song called “Music To Watch Boys To“. And lastly, she brings a teaser of “Honeymoon”.

Today, on June 16, Lana Del Rey posted a photo of the lyrics to “Honeymoon” on her undercover Instagram account: This link takes us to a short teaser of what is a homemade video for the song, something that Lana is no stranger to. This suggests it is possible this clip is taken from a full length music video for the song, unless it is a stand alone preview.

Also, Lana recently confirmed that the “Honeymoon” album will be released in September of this year. Be sure to follow the new Instagram account for more about “Honeymoon” from Lana herself and stay tuned!

Uma foto publicada por Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) a

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The Endless Summer Tour: Klipsch Music Center, Indiana (May 28)

This Thursday, May 28, Grimes and HANNA opened the Endless Tour for the very first time and Lana Del Rey performed at the Klipsch Music Center in Indiana, USA.

Are you going to the next shows? E-mail us your photos!

SETLIST: (complete)
– Cruel World (VIDEO)
– Cola (VIDEO)
– Blue Jeans (VIDEO)
– West Coast (VIDEO)
– Born To Die (VIDEO)
– Ultraviolence
– Summertime Sadness (VIDEO)
– Chelsea Hotel No. 2
– Brooklyn Baby (VIDEO)
– Shades of Cool (VIDEO)
– Serial Killer (VIDEO)
– Video Games
– Off To The Races

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