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A while back, Lana Del Rey did an audio documentary for eight of the songs on her last album ‘Ultraviolence.’ It was not publicised very much so we have put together the video below so you can have a listen.

Available on Youtube here

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The American tour continues! This time, on May 20, Lana Del Rey performed at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

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SETLIST: (complete)
– Cruel World (VIDEO)
– Cola
– Blue Jeans (VIDEO)
– West Coast (VIDEO)
– Born To Die (VIDEO)
– Ultraviolence (VIDEO)
– Summertime Sadness
– Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (VIDEO)
– Brooklyn Baby (VIDEO)
– Shades of Cool (VIDEO)
– You Can Be The Boss / Fucked My Way Up To The Top
– Serial Killer (VIDEO)
– Video Games (VIDEO)
– Off To The Races (VIDEO)

Tours > The Endless Summer Tour 2015 > Shoreline Amphitheatre – California, USA (May 20)
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Um vídeo publicado por Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) a

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The song “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey was featured on the episode “Secrets & Lies” of the tv serie, “State of Affairs” broadcast last Monday, November 24.

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According to Universal Germany, the song ‘Black Beauty’ by Lana Del Rey will be the next single (at least in Europe) from Ultraviolence album together with a remix EP coming out soon!


Saturday, October 11, Lana Del Rey performed again at Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas, USA. Below you can find pictures and the whole setlist.

On the day after, she was spotted arriving at LAX airport (find photos here).

– Cruel World
– Cola (VIDEO)
– Body Electric
– Blue Jeans (VIDEO)
– West Coast (VIDEO)
– Born To Die (VIDEO)
– Ultraviolence (VIDEO)
– Old Money
– Carmen
– Summertime Sadness (VIDEO)
– Million Dollar Man
– Ride
– Video Games (VIDEO)
– National Anthem (VIDEO)

Performances > 2014 > Austin City Limits Music Festival – Texas, USA (October 11)
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Here it is the new video, made entirely on iPhone, for the title track from Lana Del Rey’s LP ‘Ultraviolence’ out now via Interscope/Polydor. Order your copy:

Get “Ultraviolence” on iTunes here.

Get “Ultraviolence” Deluxe Version here.

Ultraviolence is the title track single of Lana Del Rey’s current second album. The single is out August 25th via Polydor.

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Rolling Stone learned a lot about Lana Del Rey in the two days they spent with her for their cover story. There was a lot that didn’t make the final cut, so they decided to share some other things that the singer told; her penchant for older guys, intense relationships, Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” the lyric her parents freaked out about and much more.

Photoshoots > 2014 > For Rolling Stone by Theo Wenner
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Read part of the interview:

Del Rey just turned 29 – not 28, as it’s usually reported – but she denies responsibility for shaving off a year.
“People have said different ages,” she says with impressive vagueness.

She never met Lady Gaga, although they were part of the same downtown scene.
“Her manager, Bob Leone, was a confidante of mine, and he gave me a two-month scholarship to a songwriting class and put me on a list of Monday night lineups at the Cutting Room. We played a couple of shows together, but never met.”
As for the early leaked Del Rey song “So Legit,” which comes off as a direct attack on Gaga (“Stefani, you suck”)? “That was a misunderstanding,” she says. Or maybe it was just not supposed to be heard by anyone? She just laughs.

Read more here.

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Lana Del Rey has been featured on the cover of many magazines lately and for each one of them she took different photoshoots that you can find below. All rights reserved to the photographers.


Photoshoots > 2014 > For Complex Magazine by Neil Krug
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Photoshoots > 2014 > For Ultraviolet White by Neil Krug
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Photoshoots > 2014 > For Rolling Stone US by Theo Wenner
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Photoshoots > 2014 > For Madame Figaro by James White
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