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LanaDelReyFan.com: Welcome back!

Welcome back to LanaDelReyFan.com! Our website dedicated to Lana Del Rey online since 2011 has been just revamped!

With over 2,400,000 million unique views and a photogallery with almost 8,000,000 million views,  we are happy to present you all the completely fresh and “Honeymoonish” brand new version developed by the one and only, Mary Prii. Make sure you visit and follow her! She is accepting orders too!

Website | Facebook | Flickr

Hope you like the new layout as much as we do with new pages and team (let us know!). Please, report any issues you may find while browsing the website so we can fix it. And remember that you can find us on Twitter /@LanaDelReyFan & @LanaDelReyWorldFacebook, Youtube and Instagram.

NOTE: We are also available for advertising proposals and looking for newsposters, Instagram lovers and Fashion fans (used to navigate on online stores) for a future new category on the site! If you are interested e-mail us with the following information:

Level of knowledge in WordPress/Coppermine/Basic HTML (for newsposter appliance):
Why do you want to join the team?:
Facebook (optional):
Twitter (optional):
Curriculum vitae (optional):
Available Time (days/hours):

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LanaDelReyFan.com: New Gallery Layout

It is with pleasure that we announce the launch of the new version of our 7,162,775 million views gallery, the biggest ever online of Lana Del Rey. Hope you like it!

Visit now

The layout was made by our dear friend Julia L. from Angelina Jolie Brasil. Make sure you like and follow the social networks of her amazing fansite about Angelina Jolie below!

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

More to come! Stay tuned.

Check the new look of the biggest online gallery of Lana Del Rey: http://lanadelreyfan.com/lanadelreyfan-com-new-gallery-layout/

Posted by Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Grant) on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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3 Years of LanaDelReyFan.com

“Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour
And my memories of them were the only things that
Substained me and my only real happy times.

I was a singer, not very popular one,
Who one had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet –
But upon an unfortunate series of events
Saw those dreams
And divided like a millions stars in the night sky
That I wished on over and over again – sparkling and broken.

But I didn’t really mind because I knew
That it takes getting everything
You ever wanted and then losing it
To know what true freedom is.” – Lana Del Rey (Ride – Monologue) 

It’s been three years of hard work; three years following the career of such a deeply inspirational talented young lady who always surprises us over and over again, three years watching and living the reality of a fanbase that doesn’t have boards; it’s been three challenging years even inside our very own website; three years that meant so much.

LanaDelReyFan.com continues to be the number one and biggest Lana Del Rey fansite on the internet, with more than 2 million unique visitors and a gallery that has almost 6 million views. What can we say? Thank you. Thank you so much to each and every single one of you on the other side for visiting, supporting and always checking us. And most of all, thank you Lana, thank you for making us proud of being your fans every single day, for all the moments, adventures and experiences you have been giving us. You are the reason for all of this, “it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you“.

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Join LanaDelReyFan.com Team!

Our website is recruiting new fans to join our team! Below you are able to check the functions needed and how to proceed your entry.

Newsposter: [2 vacancy]

Update the website with the latest news of Lana Del Rey and everything related to her.
Good English level and WordPress or basic HTML knowledge are both required.

Gallery Updater: [1 vacancy]

Update the Coppermine gallery with the latest pictures of Lana Del Rey.
We can teach you how to use it.

If you are interested send us an e-mail to lanadelreyfansite@gmail.com – or message us via our social networks (Facebook: /LanaDelReyFans, Twitter: @LanaDelReyFan & @LanaDelReyWorld) with the following information:

Level of knowledge in WordPress/Coppermine/Basic HTML:
Why do you want to join the team?:
Facebook (optional):
Twitter (optional):
Curriculum vitae (optional):
Available Time (days/hours):

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A Tribute to Lana Del Rey

In association with xdinosuicide, the Management of lanadelreyfan.com proudly presents our very first tribute video to Lana Del Rey. We hope you enjoy and share! Make sure you watch it in high definition. Happy New Year!

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