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Exclusive interview with Cole Stroud from Lana Del Rey’s new video

Model Cole Stroud opens up about Lana Del Rey‘s upcoming new music video and being on set with her exclusively for us! All rights reserved to and its respective social networks © Hi Cole! First of all, thank you so much for doing this. It’s a pleasure for us to be able to create a connection between the fans and someone who will be featuring on the most antecipated music video of Lana Del Rey.
Cole Stroud: Oh I love answering fans. Can’t believe myself how dedicated all Lana’s fans are but I love it! Tell us, how did this opportunity of being on set with Lana Del Rey happen?
Cole Stroud: I actually got booked for the video through my good friend Austin Kellogg who was originally booked for the project already. I was just a lucky one. Did you enjoy the experience? How was it to be working and meeting Lana?
Cole Stroud: I always love being on set but with Lana it was stress free and we got all the shots we needed with ease. It was a pleasure working with everyone involved and I cannot wait to see the video whenever it comes out myself! Lana has a such a sweet soul and she only sends positives vibes. Such a talented human being. Never got any bad vibes from her and her love for her fans is so strong. That sounds amazing! Is it true that the recordings were made at the Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro, USA? Any other places around as well?
Cole Stroud: San Pedro was the only location I shot at. There is more to the video I’m sure that I don’t know about so I’ll be surprised just as much as all her fans will be. Actually, we have seen the pictures you and Austin Kellogg (the other model that will appear on the video) shared online. Can you tell us, there were more boys on set? And what did you guys have to do?
Cole Stroud: There was one other guy that shot with us, his name is Jake Mast. I can’t say anything about the video but I will tell you that everyone will love it whenever it drops! Gotta keep it a surprise! Fair enough! Thank you. By the way, apart from our questions, we decided to give this opportunity to some of our wonderful Twitter followers as well and allow them to ask you something!

@GangsterBitch0 would like to know if there were fast cars, pills and parties?
Cole Stroud: Nope, nothing party related other than friends hanging out together.

@champagneforeva wondered if Francesco Carrozzini helped in the making of the footage?
Cole Stroud: Francesco Carrozzini wasn’t there the day I was on set so I’m not too sure if he had a part in the video or not.

@MavoyOfficial also asks does any famous person appear in it?
Cole Stroud: Not that I know of.

@LDReyHoneymoon and @TrueLanaNews go a bit further and ask if you know what does Lana do in the video and if she dances with her red dress in the pale moonlight?
Cole Stroud: I wish I could tell every one everything I knew about the video but then it wouldn’t be a surprise when it comes out! I’m not 100% sure what song the video is for but fans have been asking if the video is for “Music To Watch Boys To” and to be honest it would make sense but I have no idea. I was not told.  Thank you Cole! You are the sweetest.
Cole Stroud:  Thanks so much xxxx

Make sure you like and follow Cole on his social networks! More to come:
Instagram: @ColeStroud
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Snapchat: Stroudcole

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HANA joins The Endless Summer Tour

On the beginning of April, Grimes announced that she will be joining Lana Del Rey on the second part of The Endless Summer Tour. And now, it’s time for another revelation!

New American singer HANA, that just launched her first release, will be also singing backup vocals with Claire from Grimes on the tour.

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Lana Del Rey on the Top of the Most Outstanding Women by Ask Men

On March 26, the famous website Ask Men shared the Top 99 of the Most Outstanding Women of 2015 and Lana Del Rey was chosen and occupies the 72nd position. Check the full list here.

Why is Lana Del Rey outstanding for Ask Men?
Lana Del Rey has earned critical acclaim for conjuring a signature melancholic, dream-like ’50s Americana aesthetic in both her music and personal image. In 2014, she topped a cornucopia of year-end lists with Ultraviolence, and this year, fans will again be under the Del Rey haze when she debuts Honeymoon, her fourth studio album. She’s come a long way since that awkward 2012 SNL performance.

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Marina and The Diamonds talks about Lana Del Rey

In interview to the Independent, I am hype and The Aquarian Weekly, singer Marina and The Diamonds spoke about Lana Del Rey and the possibility of making a collaboration with her.


“At the starting everyone was comparing me to Lana,” she told me at the time. “You will always be compared in that fashion when you are a girl. People zero in on the fashion, on stuff like ‘well, she’s a got a curl and Lana Del Rey has a curl…they must be the same thing’. I adore her, think she’s tremendously talented. However, I’m glad the comparison has gone away.”

I am hype

Long time ago, we heard some rumors about the possibility of a collaboration with Britney Spears or Lana Del Rey…

« With Britney Spears? (laughs). That would be weird. Lana, I love Lana. »

And she loves you too, no?
« I think so. One thing is to love an artist and another thing is working with it. So it wouldn’t probably work, for example between me and Britney. But you never know, I love here so I will always be interested to do so. »

And with Lana, would it be possible for you?
« I do not know, I mean I haven’t seen her for four years. It really depends on the song, if you stay with the person, there are many other factors you know… So we’ll see, you never know. Never say never. »

The Aquarian

Friends of mine always talk about you and Lana Del Rey being sort of the dream lineup.

« (Laughs) You and half of the internet. That’s all that I see in my Twitter mentions (laughs). »

I wonder what it is, the both of you being strong females might be it, I suppose.

« (Laughs) I don’t know! I love her. I think we share a similar aesthetic in a way, my second album and her first one. I think we both obsessed over an icon, but yeah, I think she’s lovely. »

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Lana Del Rey covers AnOther Man magazine

Lana Del Rey keeps surprising! She is featured on the cover of British magazine, AnOther Man Spring/Summer 2015. With an exclusive photoshoot taken by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Alister Mackie, the issue is out on March 12.

“Amid the whirlwind of hype and hyperbole that surrounded her breakthrough album Born to Die, Lana Del Rey has always maintained a mystique reminiscent less of the hysterical music industry, and more of the era of silent film. Her single Video Games became the song of the summer in 2011, and she has compounded her success with the follow up album Ultraviolence.”

Magazines > 2015 > For AnOther Man magazine by Alasdair McLellan
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