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Lana Del Rey spotted out and about in Los Angeles, USA (August 20–22)

On August 20, Lana Del Rey was seen out at Western Bagel in Los Angeles, California. She was dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans and carried multiple drinks and snacks back to her car.

Next day, Sunday, the singer went to a recording studio in Santa Monica to work on her music. 

It was also recently announced that her performance had to pull out of the Live Out Festival in Monterrey, Mexico on October 1st.

On August 22, Lana was spotted again but with a friend and his friend’s dog in Beverly Hills, California, USA!

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Candids > 2016 > Heading to a music studio in Santa Monica, California, USA (August 21)
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Candids > 2016 > Out with a friend in Beverly Hills, California, USA (August 22)
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Era Istrefi talks about Lana Del Rey

22 years old Albanian singer-songwriter Era Istrefi, talked about Lana Del Rey in a recent interview to Noisey.

Noisey: A lot of people have pointed out the Rihanna vibe on “BonBon,” but who are your main musical influences?
EI: My musical influences are kinda everywhere. It’s so hard to choose between them, but if you want, I can mention some? Well, Rihanna is obviously one—I can simply say that I grew up in the Rihanna generation. And when I was 16 I discovered Jamaican music, so dancehall and reggae really, really inspire my music. And Lana Del Rey is one of my faves too.

Noisey: Lana Del Rey actually surprises me. What is it you like about her?
EI: When I’m love with someone, I see no flaws in them—and that goes for Lana Del Rey as well. Another thing I would like to mention about Lana Del Rey is that I used to underestimate the emotion of sadness, but Lana Del Rey and her music taught me that sadness should be appreciated and should be used for art too because it’s truly a beautiful emotion.


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Lana Del Rey publishes throwback personal videos

On March 29, Lana Del Rey started using her personal Instagram account to share some of her favorite throwback videos she recorded last year and promised to keep doing it during the next weeks.

“Last year was a really beautiful year and I actually took a lot of videos during my travels. I think I’ll share some of them with you over the next few weeks. This was from when we went to Santa Barbara for my birthday. I spent all afternoon reading.” – Lana Del Rey  on Instagram


“Music is a big part of our lives, even when we’re on our way to play music we are listening to our favorite bands. It’s funny looking back on my videos- whether we were on boats, planes or caravaning to festivals, there’s always someone amazing on in the background.
On this day we flew into a small airport and drove for two hours to what ended up being one of my top three favorite festivals we ever played: Sasquatch.
That night I was also lucky enough to see Robert Plant for the second time (the first was on the side of his stage at Glastonbury.) Other than Bob, his voice is the only voice that completely transports me. *And Ricky was right, there were a lot of people.”
Lana Del Rey on Instagram


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Lana Del Rey to play music festivals in Greece and USA

Three years after, Lana Del Rey returns to the ‘Rockwave’ music festival in Malakasa, Greece for a concert on July 19th. Tickets are available here.

On March 23, Lana took her Instagram account to reveal she will perform in more European countries and eventually in August in California and that she will be keeping the fans updated by posting the festival flyers as they come out.

“ladies and gentlemen, I’m coming to some of the most beautiful places in the world this summer for festivals. Absolutely can’t wait to see everyone on our way through Switzerland, Greece, Ireland and many more stops until we eventually play back home in August in California. I’ll be keeping you updated and posting the festival flyers as they come out. All my love, Lana Del Rey” – Lana Del Rey on Instagram

An hour after the post, she shared the news about performing at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, USA on July 28th. In addition to Lana, the festival has announced Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, J. Cole and Ellie Goulding. Tickets are available to purchase here.

Where else is Lana Del Rey performing in 2016?
03/06/2016| Orange Warsaw Festival (PL)
09/07/2016| TW Classic Festival (BE)
10/07/2016| Park Live Festival (RU)
15/07/2016| Moon & Stars Festival (CH)
17/07/2016| Vieilles Charrues Festival (FR)
19/07/2016| Rockwave Festival (GR)
28/07/2016| Lollapalooza Festival (USA)
29/07/2016| Osheaga Festival (CN)
—-/09/2016| Electric Picnic Festival (IE)

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