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Lana Del Rey covers newly launched magazine L’Officiel USA

On the cover of the newly launched magazine L’Officiel is none other than Lana Del Rey. The new USA edition features a lengthy interview with questions from Kim Kardashian West, Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks, Grimes, Alessandro Michele, Sean Ono Lennon, Marina (and the Diamonds), BØRNS and Rick Nowels.

It also includes a selection of questions sent by fans which were submitted by you to us! Thank you to William Defebaugh at L’Officiel for working with us to make this possible, and thank you to our visitors for your submissions!

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In the interview, Lana talks about everything from her literary influences and beauty icons, to her views on artificial intelligence and if our personalities are shaped by the way we look. Lana also reveals if she can cook, her Broadway Musical project and much more. Here’s a snippet:

Kim Kardashian West: If you weren’t writing or making music, what would you be doing?
Lana: I would be a doula, or maybe working with kids.

Courtney Love: Why have you stolen my unconscious and made me your musical slave?
Lana: [Laughs] If you had told me that one day Courtney Love would listen to me on repeat, I would just not have believed you.

Stevie Nicks: Dear Lana, are we planning on spending the summer in our fantastic apartments in the Hollywood sign?
Lana: Stevie! Sweet angel! Yes don’t worry I’ve already began planning the summer but I was thinking we could spend half of our time on that boat we were talking (maybe shoot a video for “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.”) I was thinking we could kick it off on the Summer Solstice — what do you think?

BØRNS: If you could change any one thing about the music industry, what would it be?
Lana: More female producers.

Rick Nowels: Did you read poetry as a teenager?
Lana: Yes. One of my biggest influences was my 10th grade teacher, Gene Campbell. He introduced me to the Beat poets, Allen Ginsberg, as well as writers like [Vladimir] Nabokov, [Walt] Whitman..

Read the full interview online at

The magazine will hit newsstands on February 27 and will be available to order online in the near future. Please watch this space for the link, or alternatively subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about release info when available.

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Lana Del Rey visits Children’s Hospital in Washington DC (January 26)

On January 26, Lana Del Rey visited the Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C., where she spent some time with the patients. She was also interviewed at their very own Seacrest Studios! During the interview, Lana sung some of her song “Once Upon A Dream” from the Maleficent soundtrack. Lana was asked a bunch of cute questions from her favourite animal (cats) to her favourite colour (anything that sparkles)!.

Later in the day, Lana arrived in Pennsylvania for her next show later tonight and met some fans. In one video, Lana is in awe at a fan’s tattoo, and shows compassion asking “where is your jacket?” before signing some autographs.

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Lana Del Rey on Harvey Weinstein: “I support the women who have come forward. I think they’re really brave for doing that.”

Lana Del Rey recently performed at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, where she was also interviewed by MTV News. She spoke to Gaby Wilson about her latest album; including the LA to the Moon tour, her collaborations and her newest music video ‘White Mustang.’

Gaby asked Lana if her song ‘Cola‘ had any reference to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, as many in Hollywood are speaking up about the sexual assault and harassment he administered. In the song Lana sings “Harvey’s in the sky with diamonds, and it’s making me crazy.” However, other fans say they hear “ah he’s” instead of the name Harvey, especially as this is the lyric in the official lyric booklet.

In response, Lana said “When I wrote that song, I suppose I had a Harvey Weinstein/Harry Winston-type of character in mind. I envisioned, like, a benevolent, diamond-bestowing-upon-starlets visual, like a Citizen Kane or something. I’m not really sure. I thought it was funny at the time, and I obviously find it really sad now.”

With this in mind, Lana agreed to retire the song from her setlist, adding that it would be “the right thing to do.” She also stated: “I support the women who have come forward. I think they’re really brave for doing that.”

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KROQ interview Lana Del Rey: “When [Stevie Nicks] came into the studio, I was more nervous than I thought I’d be”

Today Lana Del Rey stopped by KROQ, an alternative rock radio station, to give an interview on The Kevin and Bean Show. In the interview, she spoke about her amazing fans, the new record, working with Stevie Nicks

Check out the highlights below, but be sure to check out the full interview here.

On handling fans saying her music saved her life
“It’s a big thing. I absorb it and I keep it. I take it in but I keep it light. I try and take the lightness from it. Music was a big part of my life when I was a teenager too, not that they’re all teenagers.”

On working with Stevie Nicks and if she was nervous
“Not at the time. Not when she came into the studio. I was more nervous than I thought I would be when she came in. I could totally call her. I have to say it’s one of these amazing career and life things where I do consider her a friend and I love her. You never really know with women how it’s going to go, but she just wanted to be there right away. She sent flowers after the track was done, got me a present for my birthday… it’s funny because she’s the one who’s so legendary but she’s the one who really put all the extra effort in and didn’t make anything hard clearance-wise.”

“She asked me to re-sing something, and then I got on the microphone in this booth I’m not usually in, because I usually just sing in the middle of the room, but I was trying to be professorial and do it in the booth. She just wanted me to do my ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ over and my first a was like [Lana sings a small out of tune ‘aahhhh’] and she didn’t say anything, and I said something stupid like ‘oh god that sounds so small next to your ahhs’ and she was like ‘it’s okay you can be my little echo.'”

On how Lust For Life differs from her previous records
“It felt different. I was glad that the general vibe of it didn’t end up being too different from the first few records I did. The melodies and the production were just following what I had been thinking about for the last year and a half. I thought I knew where the record was going and then 14 months into it, it took a turn for me stylistically so I wasn’t really sure where I was going to end up. But I really love it, I’ve got a couple of songs on there like ‘Coachella’ that I love the production for or a song called ‘Cherry’ – again I love the kind of bluesy vibe and the production, so I’m happy with where it went.”

On releasing unreleased songs which she first announced at Amoeba
“I might just release some of those songs because I love them.”

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Lana Del Rey speaks to The Sun: “I feel like [Lust For Life] was me just getting to be myself in real time”

Lana Del Rey was recently interviewed by British newspaper The Sun, which was on newsstands on July 28. In the interview with Jacqui Swift, she talks about Donald Trump, feminism and her new record “Lust For Life” which The Sun gave five stars to.

Here is a snippet from the interview. Click here to read the entire interview online.

Her track God Bless America was influenced by Republicans’ attacks on women’s rights.

Lana says: “That is a great symbol of a song that is just about what the title says.

“At the time, I was thinking about the US where women were so vocal online and my friends in person.

“This was before the Women’s Marches and when there was some rhetoric being thrown around that everyone was uncomfortable with.

“What if they took away Planned Parenthood and birth control and shut down clinics?

“What are women supposed to do? So before the women’s marches started, I wrote that song very quickly and Rick loved it. It has really cool earth-tone keyboards on there. It feels like a good grounded song.”

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