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Here is another record of a lucky fan, named Alyssa Romano, who met Lana Del Rey in NYC. You can check Alyssa’s tumblr clicking here. Thanks to Alyssa who let us post this on our site.

When me and my friend Marissa found out Lana Del Rey was going to be the musical guest on SNL we knew we were camping out for tickets. We got to the line on Thursday night and of course, it had to rain. At 1 in the morning I was so mad about being wet and in the streets I tweeted about it. Next thing I know Lana is DMing me telling me how worried she is about us and to go home and she would meet us for coffee another day. Naturally me and my friend started freaking out. She told us how much she loved us and that she would come visit us the next day. So Friday we waited and waited for Lana to come and around 8pm she tweeted us saying “Coming in an hour.” Next thing we knew Lana pulled up in her car, that she drove all the way to the line just to see us. At the time some of our friends had come to visit us and we all hung out with her for an hour! She is the nicest person. We were laughing and joking around and took so many pictures. We spoke about her going on tour and said we would all get coffee before her show in NYC. Then she asked how we all knew eachother and when I told her we all met through Lady Gaga she started crying and said how incredible that was and how happy she was for us. She even asked if we had money to eat! The next day me and my friend saw the show and afterwards waited for her to leave so we could give her flowers. She came out looking so perfect and started signing and taking pictures for fans waiting behind baracades. When she saw us she yelled “HEY GUYS!” and ran over to us and hugged us all and said how happy she was that she got to see us twice that week. Before she left she told us we were all going to get together soon to watch Mob Wives reruns (we were talking about the show the night before and when we showed her our pictures with some of the mob wives she said “shut the fuck up!” She is one of the most down to earth people out there and I’m so happy she took the time out to come and see me and my friend on line<3

Bellow you can check some picture of this meeting.

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