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Lana Del Rey presents Manager of the Year award to her managers Ben and Ed (November 14)

On November 14, Lana Del Rey attended the Artist and Manager Awards in London, England, where she presented the award for Manager Of The Year to her managers Ben Mawson and Ed Millet (from TAP Management). Lana wore the Gucci wood dress (with tiger head buttons), which can be viewed or purchased here. You can read Lana’s long and touching speech below, thanks to Music Business Worldwide for providing the transcript.

I am very happy to be here tonight to give my managers this award and I wanted to share with you what they did for me that no one else could do.

They were able to see in me all of the things that people around 2006/2007 said were unmarketable, not pop enough, too abstract. They were able to see these traits as assets and to have the wisdom to see that some of the peculiarities of my writing style were relatable.

They could actually make my record translate in a universal way that other bigger managers and bigger labels that I had met hadn’t been able to understand up until that point.

My melodies, choruses and songs weren’t four to the floor, and my sentiments were not always cheerful… like having a debut record called Born to Die! But I was able to communicate my feelings in a way that was different from other artists at the time. I had my own unique vocabulary and I had ambitions to be a great American writer. They saw that value in that.

By the time I met Ben in 2009 I had already been playing in local bars and auditioning for major and indie labels for about four years. Although my experiences with open mic nights and playing on the lower east side of New York City was generally positive, my experience playing for labels was mostly the same.

Every meeting ended with the question, Where are the hits? To which I would indignantly reply, I’m sharing my life story! I guess I expected people to see the value in that and to have an a-ha moment.

On some level I think people did love the music, I got a lot of positive feedback, just no calls back. That was probably because nobody knew what to do with the tone of the project and songs, and they couldn’t really envision what my career would look like long term.

But when I met Ben and shortly after I met Ed, I moved to London where they lived, and we did start to get calls back after making the rounds for a few years.

They were the first people who could see the big picture and they loved my music as much as I loved making it. Which I think is the most important thing for a manager: to truly love the projects that they are working on and to want to make the personal and professional commitment it takes to make an artist successful.

Once an artist becomes famous, it really does become a commitment and a shared life between everybody involved. The artist’s ups and downs and the layers of the complexities in the ways that the managers need to be involved, especially in a younger artist’s life, can be extensive.

Crazy ex-boyfriends, complex family histories to work through, previous indie record deals gone wrong, eleven record publishing commitments made at a young age to unwind. All of that before you even think about what the style of the first record should be.

The most valuable thing a manager and an artist can share is to be on the same page as each other for the most important things like principles, ethics and goals.

Eight years ago I told my managers upfront that there were going to be more parts of me that were not for sale than would be for sale. That having a real private life was going to be as big a priority to me as it was to write thoughtful records. I had to fight that a little bit, but we’ve kept them at the forefront of all of our decision making.

On a side note, I’d also just like to say that there is a real cultural shift happening this year with women coming forward telling their stories about experiences in the entertainment business. It’s a real cultural moment.

Me and my managers called each other up the same day that some of these revelations started to be divulged and I felt really lucky that we were on the same page about the fact that we felt like this is going to be a really good thing for artists like me and younger. I had a moment in those weeks thinking about how important it is to have those shared principles.

So to finish, I really am one of those artists who wouldn’t be where I am now without these two people because it does take a village to make an artist go far. They’ve helped find the right people to support me as I travel around the world sharing my music.

I also wanted to say that Dave Chumbley was my booking agent and he passed away this year while we were doing shows in the UK. I feel like if I mention his name, he’d be smiling because he loved stuff like this.

So congratulations, you really deserve it, Ben Mawson and Ed Millet, managers of the year.

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Lana Del Rey says directors didn’t like her ideas for a music video, so she’s going to do it herself

At the MTV EMAs, Lana Del Rey revealed to Gaby Wilson that her next music video might be for ‘Cherry.’ In an earlier interview, Lana said she was deciding between a video for ‘Cherry’ or ‘Get Free.’

However, Lana explained that she talked to a few different directors about her ideas, but they didn’t like any of them. With that in mind, she has decided to take matters into her own hands and direct the video herself, for Cherry, with the help of her sister Chuck, “who is a great visual artist.”

She adds they were thinking of going back to her old days and doing their “hand-held, stuff in a hotel, or something.”

When asked about her rejected ideas, Lana revealed her idea for the song ‘Change’ was an “abstract, ‘Where The Wild Things Grow'” concept. She says in her mind, that song is a commentary on the nuclear tensions that have been rising, and wanted to incorporate more of that imagery, but people don’t want to see more of that.

MTV Europe Music Awards

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Lana Del Rey attends the 2017 MTV EMAs in London (November 12)

On November 12, Lana Del Rey attended the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) which were held at Wembley Arena in London. Lana was nominated for Best Alternative which she unfortunately lost to 30 Seconds to Mars. However, Lana has won this award twice previously in 2012 and 2015.

Lana, who still considers London her “second home”, was wearing a dress from Gucci’s 2017 fall/winter collection. When asked about working with a variety of artists on her latest album Lust For Life, Lana said “I always say that Rocky, Abel and me, and Odd Future […] I call us the class of 2011 because we all kinda came up at the same time.”

Lana was photographed with the likes of Demi Lovato, who performed during the show, and she appeared to be sitting next to Camila Cabello who also performed.

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Concert: Memorial tribute Leonard Cohen in Montreal, Canada (November 06)

Last night, November 6, Lana Del Rey performed at Tower of Song, a memorial tribute to singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen. The star-studded concert, which was sold out to a capacity of 17,000 people, was held at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. Lana performed a cover of Cohen’s song “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” alongside his son Adam Cohen.

Other artists who performed at the event included Sting, Elvis Costello, Feist, k.d. lang and Courtney Love, whilst stars Celine Dion, Chris Martin, Peter Gabriel and Willie Nelson appeared in a video each singing parts of Cohen’s “Tower of Song.”

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Lana Del Rey arrives in Canada for Leonard Cohen memorial tribute (November 5)

Some fans, including Amy, spotted Lana Del Rey as she arrived into Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Québec, Canada yesterday (November 5). Lana is in Canada to perform at the special memorial tribute event tonight for Leonard Cohen who passed away on November 6 of last year.

Another fan spotted Lana attending Complex Magazine’s ‘Complexcon’ event in Long Beach, California on November 4.

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